B2B Sales

FairLeads is a marketplace for sales leads and a call centre management system. It is a multi-sided platform for account/sales managers who are looking for new customers and agents who create and sell leads.

Fair Leads - screen
Business Value

Manage call centres

The platform has been fitted up with functionalities which enable call centres to manage their individual agents through subaccounts, lead sources (customers / contacts) and campaigns.

Agents have access to a CRM system as well as a reporting module. Both agents and suppliers can take advantage of a comprehensive comment system which allows them to discuss specific leads.

The administration module contains, among other things, a flexible system for free and paid membership subscriptions as well as an invoicing and creditors/debtors management tool. The system has been fully internationalised and can thus be applied in different geographic markets (payments in the local currency).

Technology stack

Sales lead marketplace and call centre management system

Fair Leads is a Rails 3 application with complex data import/export functionalities and has been integrated with Paypal, Postmark, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google.