Custom personal trainer application

Train your clients efficiently and track and review each client’s performance, and determine how far they are from their end goal. Professionalize your client experience with the fitness coaching app.

CoachApp - screen
Business Value

This fitness multi-sided platform supports both coaches and trainees and is one of the simplest apps to plan and monitor weekly training sessions. Coaches can create training plans, tailoring them specifically to their clients to ensure they receive the ultimate workouts to match their fitness level and goals. Each workout can be customized using videos, photos, and workout descriptions to give it even more of a personal touch. Integrated with Strava, #1 app for runners and cyclists, the app updates trainees progress seamlessly. On the other hand, trainees can benefit from professional personal coaching sessions remotely without the need of meeting the coach in person.

Coaches get all in one centralized location for their training management and can focus on giving their clients the results they want. With the app coaches can:

  • manage multiple trainees and their workouts
  • comment on trainees progress
  • build clubs to efficiently lead similar trainees
  • evaluate training according to F.I.T.T. principle (frequency, intensity, time, type)

Trainees can access the same set of data as coaches that help the client-trainer relationship stay on the same page. With this personal trainer app they can:

  • build training habits
  • track workout progress
  • compare results with friends
  • export training to pdfs
  • evaluate training’s completion and intensity
Technology stack

Personal trainer application integrated with Strava

The developers thrive on using the latest technologies and applying a simple user-friendly interface. The personal trainer application is integrated with Strava V3 API to improve the training experience.