Education / publishing

The e-learning SaaS solution was developed for a publishing house to leverage their online sales channel; the platform allows the publishing house to sell content packages to their institutional clients, i.e. local government bodies and schools. This e-learning platform was designed to improve the quality of work for teachers and students.

Edumaster - screen
Business Value

Content and tools addressing needs of the students

Since the system automatically checks the tests and generates scores, the teachers have much more time to pursue more creative activities. Students, in turn, access their homework through their computer/laptop, solve the tasks assigned and submit them to the system.

In doing so, they immerse in a multimedia-rich & interactive environment, which better fits into their lifestyle. It stimulates engagement and helps them achieve their learning goals and objectives more efficiently.

Moreover, the system provides valuable information for local educational authorities, head teachers and, last but not least, parents. Those with appropriate access rights granted can efficiently monitor progress and results recorded in the system.

Technology stack

SaaS publishing and e-learning platform

Edumaster is a Rails 3 application that relies heavily on the jQuery and Ajax technologies. The team used external libraries, such as Wkhtml2pdf for PDF report generation and Ckeditor augmented with proprietary multimedia extensions.