Smart Home Management Platform

HomeOS is a home automation management platform developed for the Twelve Springs Inc., a California-based vacation home rental agency. The solution allows users to manage several properties, view floorplans and check and synchronize devices used.

HomeOS - screen
Business Value

Platform adapted to the individual needs and wishes

With several digital dashboards, administrators can monitor and administer lighting, heating and cooling, security, energy, access and more. The data are updated live through websockets and a smart home management platform is integrated with several 3rd party service APIs.

The system and all the devices within a property are coordinated and managed real-time through the web platform. Users can check bills and remotely operate on various devices e.g. multi-purpose sensor, dimmer, thermostat, pool control, or door lock. After setting and adjusting all the parameters, the smart home takes care of all the devices automatically for the occupants.

Technology stack

Home management platform

Selleo was responsible for developing rules engine, crafting dashboards, adding data imports, implementing 3rd party APIs integration and using websockets to obtain live data updates. We used Ruby on Rails to develop the platform.