Retail / Shipping

Tiramizoo GmbH, a Germany’s leading online courier service, commissioned us to augment their team and integrate their same-day-delivery API with one of its key clients’ webshop. The same-day-delivery system provides Tiramizoo’s clients and their customers with a bright new shopping experience and sets new standards of product delivery in retail.

Business Value

Synchronize different communication protocols

While working on the integration project we aimed to synchronize two different communications protocols to enable the creation and cancellation of delivery orders.

The implemented PROXY communication ensures safe and reliable processing of delivery-order status updates as well as their delivery of the updates to the Tiramizoo’s client’s webshop.

Tiramizoo specializes in same-day delivery for local e-tailers and retailers in 18 major German cities and delivers its service to companies dealing in consumer electronics, logistics, fashion, automotive industry and the like.

Technology stack

Same day delivery and API integration

The solution developed by Selleo Ruby on Rails developers is an API-based integration written in Ruby 2.1, Rails 4.1, Twitter Bootstrap and using Heroku, XML/JSON processing and PostgreSQL.