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SaaS system for tests and evaluation.


Ruby on Rails, Prince, Bootstrap, Coffee Script, CSS3, Haml, jQuery, PostgreSQL


For consultants to manage surveys.

Tests and surveys

A SaaS survey management software for sales, management and generation of HRM-related tests.


  • “Selleo has proved to be a team of skilled and professional programmers. It was only Selleo who understood what kind of business we were after. We were impressed by the professionalism the company has with regard to processes. They have done a remarkable job in delivering a great product to us.”
    Frode Jakhelln Laugen || Managing Director at Metreno AS

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The system enables consultancies to HRM-related tests and surveys for the target customers.


The reports can support organizations in expanding a shared understanding of the situation, identifying the most pressing needs, and operating for the greatest possible impact.

Web and Mobile





Data Collection

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