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We understand the nuances of innovative software solutions and various industries. Therefore, with our solutions, you will strengthen your position in the market and gain a competitive edge.

Custom software development & mobile app development

We assist in transforming your vision of scalable software into a reality

We provide custom software development services and support throughout the entire software development cycle. With extensive experience in Edtech, Fintech, HRM, and Healthcare, we have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities within these sectors. We understand that businesses in California vary widely in size and complexity. Wherefore, our software solutions are highly customizable and scalable, catering to the evolving needs of our clients as they grow and expand their software solution. Our clients are assured that we keep pace with cutting-edge technologies, providing them with not just functional software but also forward-looking solutions that ensure their long-term success.
We assist in **transforming your vision of scalable software** into a reality

We believe that most business software solutions are developed through genuine collaboration and a deep understanding of the needs

In California's dynamic and fiercely competitive landscape, time is of the essence. With your needs and business objectives in mind, we can craft quality software that will put you ahead of the competition. Our agile approach to custom software development facilitates swift turnarounds and iterative development, guaranteeing that our clients maintain a leading edge among companies in California. Moreover, we realize how important security and compliance are during software development. That's why our stringent security measures and adherence to compliance standards guarantee the protection of your sensitive data and regulatory compliance.

Full Software Development Cycle

Our enterprise solutions provide comprehensive post-launch support, quickly resolving any issues, providing updates, and offering ongoing maintenance services to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of our software solutions.

Clear and Transparent Communication

We inform our clients about project progress, promptly address their queries, and foster a collaborative atmosphere for effective problem-solving. For this purpose, we use tools that enable better communication and enhance business operations.

Quality Assurance and Testing

We adhere to rigorous standards of software testing to deliver bug-free and reliable custom software that meets the high-quality expectations of California businesses.

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Learn how entrepreneurs, business and technology leaders who are after software driven innovation are collaborating with our high-performing teams.

Chris Mitchell
Chris Mitchell
CEO, Better Off Social, USA

Selleo wasn't the cheapest, wasn't the most expensive, but it was by far the best value. They've continued to work with us on different issues, and with the pandemic, they helped us pivot and were extremely flexible.

Leverage our **domain expertise** and **technical knowledge** to build a one-of-a-kind custom solution
Trust our experience

Leverage our domain expertise and technical knowledge to build a one-of-a-kind custom solution

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How we start collaboration

How we start collaboration


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Let's gather your requirements, analyse and identify your business idea to explore how we can help you. We always ensure your data and IP are safe so feel free to request a mutual NDA before we discuss your project.


Call with Technical Team Lead and Business Analyst

Receive an estimation of the workload and cost of your project. It’s all about exchanging ideas and reaching conclusions - we will discuss our offer with you to make it fit your expected roadmap.


Schedule Interview with the whole Team

If everything goes well, we make sure you get a team best-suited for your project requirements. Then we'll sign the contract and move on to the kick-off phase.


kick off

Define goals, assign roles and responsibilities, establish communication channels and set project timelines to lay a foundation for a successful project.


Our experience, your success

We take pride in our commitment to quality and excellence and our high Clutch rating is a reflection of that. We always strive to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results to every client we serve.

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Hire experienced software development team today!

Product Owners and CTOs in start-ups and SMEs craft their SaaS products or build their own cloud-based solutions with our teams.

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What are the current challenges facing software companies in California, particularly in terms of security and compliance?

Any software company in California, partially in Los Angeles, faces several challenges related to security and compliance. Firstly, software development companies in California are challenged by the ever-evolving nature of cyber threats. Staying ahead of sophisticated cyberattacks requires constant vigilance and investment in skilled software engineers who can implement robust security measures. Secondly, compliance with data protection regulations, such as GDPR and CCPA, demands meticulous attention to detail and can be complex for companies dealing with large volumes of data. Thirdly, the rapid pace of digital transformation means that companies must adapt quickly to new security threats and compliance requirements. Fourthly, the remote work trend has introduced new challenges in project management and securing remote systems and data access. Despite these challenges, California's custom software development companies are known for their innovation and are continuously working towards addressing these issues to ensure client's data security and regulatory compliance in both custom software and mobile app development.

Can you discuss the testing and quality assurance processes within your SDLC, especially regarding industry-specific standards?

In our software development life cycle (SDLC), we put a strong emphasis on testing and quality assurance of all digital solutions, particularly tailored to the stringent requirements of industries like Edtech, Fintech, HRM, and Healthcare. Our testing process encompasses compliance testing, ensuring that the software adheres to industry-specific regulations. We also conduct rigorous functional testing to guarantee that the software meets your business needs. Performance testing is crucial to ensure optimal software operation under various conditions, and security testing, including vulnerability scanning and penetration testing, safeguards your data. Finally, user acceptance testing (UAT) involves your internal teams to align the software with your expectations, and we employ automation tools to enhance efficiency and reliability in our testing procedures.

How do we handle scalability and performance optimization in mobile and web development applications, especially for growing businesses?

All software companies should take a comprehensive approach to scalability and performance optimization for mobile and web applications - tailored to the unique needs of growing businesses in industries such as Edtech, Fintech, HRM, and Healthcare. Firstly, our project managers or scrum masters conduct a thorough analysis of your software project or application's architecture to identify potential bottlenecks and areas for improvement. Next, we employ industry best practices and cutting-edge technologies to ensure that your application can handle increased user loads as your business grows. Our software development company offers software maintenance and fine-tunes the application's performance, making real-time adjustments as needed. Additionally, we conduct load testing to simulate heavy user traffic and ensure your application remains responsive and reliable even during peak usage. Ultimately, our goal is to provide scalable and high-performing mobile apps and web solutions that support your business's growth and success all made by our custom software developers.

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