Staff scheduling and workflow management software tool

Workflow management

Selleo was engaged by Northwood Advisors to develop a business process management tool PacTrac for a Northwood Advisor’s client: Pacific West Communications, Inc. – a telecommunications infrastructure and site development company. PWC needed a platform to support the management of employee tasks, jobs assignments and scheduling, shift planning, report generation and work evaluation. Selleo’s main task was to develop the custom web platform.

Northwood Advisors (NA) and Selleo decided to use an agile / iterative approach to software product development, whereby specific platform modules and functionalities were developed in successive iterations. Consultants form NA together with a PWC team designed a sustainable data acquisition system, while Selleo developed and implemented the solution thus designed. Both service providers were systematically gathering feedback from PWC to efficiently deliver a solid software tool which addresses very tangible problems target customers/users are confronted with.

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