Boosting Productivity in the IT Industry: The Engagement Revolution

Boosting Productivity in the IT Industry: The Engagement Revolution

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Elevate Your Team's Performance: The Engagement Revolution! 🚀

Get ready to revolutionize your team's potential! In this video, we unveil the game-changing power of emotional investment and its profound impact on work outcomes.

Discover how to empower your team for maximum contribution and lasting success.

This approach isn't limited to the IT industry – it's a universal game-changer! Don't miss out on this transformative journey towards unparalleled team success. Watch the video and if you need to see the transcript 🔥🌟


0:04 If you take a look on the business books from the recent years, probably 60 or even 70% of them, they are focused on engagement.

0:15 So how to make teams, people engaged?

0:18 And it's also really important for the it industry.

0:21 And you can wonder, if it's some kind of, you know, silver ballad or some, you know, magical formula for engagement.

0:30 And the answer is yes.

0:33 So at first, we have to think about what engagement is.

0:38 So engagement is emotional investment in the company or the product, and it's all.

0:49 So if you think about engaged people, these are the people who are emotionally invested in what they do, it means that they deliver more, they go the extra mile and the outcome of their work is much better than the outcome of the people who also work well but are not engaged.

1:16 So what can we do to engage people?

1:20 I mentioned that engagement is investment of emotions.

1:25 So we have to think about what does it mean that this is the investment and what happens when people invest?

1:34 So when people invest, they want something in return.

1:38 And a lot of researchers looked for the answer for this particular question, what is return on investment in terms of engagement?

1:51 And there is the answer.

1:53 The answer is this is the contribution, this is the impact empowerment.

1:58 If people invest their emotions, they want to contribute, they want to have impact on the company, on the project, on their job.

2:09 It's really that simple.

2:12 If you want to have engaged people within your IT department, you have to allow them to feel that their opinions have impact on what happens within the business environment.

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