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CoderDojo Poland is a volunteer initiative dedicated to teaching young people about programming. It was first started in 2013 and is present in many cities across the country. CoderDojo Poland is an autonomic part of the global organization CoderDojo Global.

Together with Mikstura.It foundation we decided to take part in this amazing initiative.

Every Thursday at 4pm any eager programmer can come to our headquarters to learn something new or seek advice from our experienced programmers.

Last year we organized an 8-week program called ‘From Zero to a JavaScript Developer’, which was streamed on Mikstura.IT’s YouTube Channel. The weekly meetings were also recorded and are still gaining views. It was one of the most successful and highly attended CoderDojo so far. Approximately 110 people signed up for the workshops with only 60 slots available.

CoderDojos are an amazing opportunity for us not only to train future developers but also to find local talents that we can hire in the future. A lot of our current colleagues were found during those meetings.

Watch the playlist here: