Master the Art of Feedback: Critical Rules for Personal & Professional Growth! part 1

Master the Art of Feedback: Critical Rules for Personal & Professional Growth! part 1

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Master the Art of Feedback: Critical Rules for Personal & Professional Growth! part 1

🚀 Boost Your Growth with Feedback Tips! 🌟

This video shares essential advice for giving and getting feedback. It's useful for anyone, whether you're in IT or not. Learn how to give feedback that helps people grow and choose the right time to share it.

Whether you're a leader or just want to improve, these tips are for you! Watch now to become a feedback pro! 🔥💡

What You'll Learn?

Be Positive: Find out how focusing on what's good can help people get better.

Timing Matters: Learn when to give feedback for the best results.


0:04 Probably, we all know that feedback is the best tool for growth.

0:09 And I would like to share two things about "IT" feedback.

0:15 So, it could be the feedback in the IT industry.

0:19 But these rules are for everyone.

0:23 So, "I" is about the intent.

0:25 So, if you are going to provide the feedback, look about some positive aspects for the feedback receiver: "Am I going to grow the other person?"

0:39 Is this something that helps that person to be better, to improve, to reach some goals?

0:48 And "T" is about time.

0:50 So, is it the right time for feedback delivery?

0:54 This is probably the most common mistake leaders or other people who are responsible for feedback delivery and all of us should be responsible for this, the mistake they do - they just go to that person and provide feedback.

1:09 Sometimes people are not ready for this or they are in a different context.

1:16 So, When you think about time and feedback, when you think about time and feedback, think about - it should be done as soon as possible.

1:25 So, everyone still remembers what was going on, but also as soon as reasonable.

1:30 So, are we not emotionally invested in it? or there is a proper moment, maybe this person is, you know, the deep work and we just, you know, interrupt her or him.

1:43 So, find the right time, the right place and deliver.

1:49 So, intent, - the positive aspect for the feedback receiver, and the proper time to deliver, probably, the most crucial aspects of giving and receiving feedback.

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