Master the Art of Feedback: Critical Rules for Personal & Professional Growth! Part 2

Master the Art of Feedback: Critical Rules for Personal & Professional Growth! Part 2

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Master the Art of Feedback: Critical Rules for Personal & Professional Growth! Part 2

🌟 Looking to give feedback that really helps? Discover the simple FBI Model in this video! 🌟 🔍

What's the FBI Model? The FBI Model is a clear and easy way to give feedback.

It has three parts: Facts, Behavior, and Impact. You start by talking about the facts of the situation. Then, you describe what you saw without adding any judgments. Finally, you talk about how it affects things like the company, relationships, or projects.

Why is the FBI Model Great? Using the FBI Model makes giving feedback a breeze. It helps people improve and grow. It's not just about pointing out problems, it's about helping everyone do better.

Ready to make your feedback count? Watch now and start using the FBI Model today! Don't forget to like and subscribe for more simple tips on communication and growth! 🌱


0:04 Sometimes you can hear that there is, you know, positive feedback or negative feedback - NO! - there's always constructive feedback.

0:14 So when we think about providing some message for the other person, we should think about how that person could improve him or herself, so how to deliver?

0:30 So there are, there are several models of feedback delivery.

0:33 The one is FBI - really simple to remember - F is about facts.

0:40 So you start with providing the given situation to build the context for the person.

0:49 Second step is behavior.

0:51 So you talk about observed behavior without any judgment, you just provide the situation as it was in a given moment.

1:04 And finally, it's about impact.

1:06 So you provide the information, how the given behavior influence the relationship, the company, the project, depending on a given context.

1:21 So FBI feedback, very simple model to deliver, you start with the facts, then you describe the behavior and you provide some insights about how this behavior can impact the company, the relation, the people.

1:40 Anything what is important for you.

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