Agile Software Development Explained. Key Characteristics & Benefits

Key Benefits & Characteristics of Agile Software Development

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Video transcript

0:04 A lot of companies look nowadays for the agile software development company, they look for the outsourcing partner which operates within the agile environment.

0:14 But what it really means to be agile, we can focus on five main characteristics of being agile.

0:23 First one - focused on value delivery.

0:27 So within the process of developing software, we prioritize tasks, not because of the length or the complexity, we think about how much business value the task will bring within a given period of time.

0:42 And what is the most important from the client's perspective.

0:47 Another aspect of agile is slicing the project into the short iterations usually usually two weeks. And in Scrum methodology, it’s the longest period of this iteration is one month, it's called sprint.

1:01 But if someone says sprint or iteration is the same, so iteration, there is the cycle within the product development that we get through all the ceremonies on the project and we have the whole cycle to deliver that business value.

1:16 Another aspect is adaptation.

1:18 So the process enables us to work with this scope and change it.

1:24 In case of the change in the bank, business environment or if we have some, you know, other ideas or needs to follow. Agile is also about constant feedback and communication.

1:36 So there is a lot of exchange of information between the client and the software development company.

1:42 Even it happened on the, on a daily basis.

1:45 And finally, it's also about improvement because if we want to be better and grow, we have to improve the processes.

1:53 So after each iteration that team thinks about what can be done better in terms of the software development, the process itself, a communication, a flow of the documents, and all the aspects of our work.

2:10 So being agile is about adapting to business needs, focusing on delivering business value, working in short iterations, constant improvement and working in the short periods of time.

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