Why ReactJS Is A Perfect Fit For SaaS Solutions?

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Why ReactJS Is A Perfect Fit For SaaS Solutions?

Constant improvement and the ability to adapt to the newest technologies is key to staying relevant in the industry. Companies like Netflix, Instagram and Facebook are aware of that and are keeping up with the hottest trends. Recently, the interest seems to be shifting towards ReactJS and its impressive features.

What is ReactJS?

If you are not aware of what ReactJS is yet, it is a rather popular JavaScript library created for building User Interfaces. This component-based library was created by Facebook and it is often confused for being a framework, tool or a stand-alone language. Its features allow improving applications runtime, load time and scalability. ReactJS makes use of Virtual DOM reducing the problems with manipulating live DOM.

The library helps to create large web applications while allowing to change the data used without the need for reloading. Therefore, React is simple, scalable and fast.

React’s popularity can be proved by the number of applications that are being written using this library. A perfect example of that can be products developed by companies like: Asana and Atlassian.


Asana is a SaaS application created for better management of everyday tasks. The solution allows assigning tasks to members, prioritizing, setting deadlines. It also comes with the functionality of adding notes for the created groups. It goes without saying that Asana was written using ReactJS and is making the most of its functionalities - working hand in hand with a corresponding mobile app developed in React Native. Asana chose React to address the performance problems occurring on the client’s side. The Virtual DOM implementation solved a lot of UI issues including animations. They also say that it was a perfect fit because of the small code size and ability to integrate it with Luna (Asana’s own framework) as well as the open source support.


Atlassian is not an application itself, it is rather a software provider that deals with tools created for collaborations. The most popular tools created by them is Trello and Jira, which also were created having team and task management in mind. Both of them take advantage of ReactJS as they are fully optimized for mobile use with quick rendering an efficient scaling. Atlassian also stands behind HipChat - a tool created to help with communication in workplaces. Its functionalities include group chat, video chat and screen sharing. The SaaS development team decided to use ReactJS thanks to its simplicity, component-based nature and again, the Virtual DOM. What is more, React components are doing great in tests.


ReactJS is great and SaaS companies know how to appreciate it and use its full potential. The undeniable simplicity, speed and scalability allow creating amazing solutions that are used by people all around the world. ReactJS code is reusable and ensures faster rendering. Apps created using this library are SEO friendly, which is of great importance for any SaaS solution.

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