Helping our client reach Fortune 500 companies with HRM platform.

Metreno AS is an innovative communication and HR consultancy from Trondheim, Norway. The company delivers services and software solutions designed to meet demands and challenges of corporate HR departments and consultancies who deal with high-quality evaluations and psychometric tests.

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Manage automated HR surveys creation

Metreno AS has been running tests on behalf of their clients since 2005. The company was looking for a way to strengthen its value proposition and create the optimal workflow for its customers. It needed a cloud-based platform that complies with strict requirements for security and usability and can support the management of automated surveys generation together with advanced reporting.

The software solution was aimed to resolve challenges of:

  • HR departments who would buy access to the SaaS product and apply the tools and services in their own organizations (e.g., a 360-degree assessment module)
  • Consultancies who would use the platform to create and market their own surveys to enterprise clients
  • Metreno AS itself, to enable the company reaching big international clients
Process and Project Scope

Iterative implementation to speed up revenue generation

Metreno AS and Selleo decided to use an agile approach, whereby specific platform modules and functionalities have been developed in successive iterations. The software development work was divided between Metreno team, which skillfully handled the front-end of the software development process and Selleo team which developed and implemented the product at the back-end.

Business Value

Efficient generation, distribution, and administration of tests and surveys

Metreno is an efficient and cost-effective automated online measurement tool which measures critical HR and communications processes impacting employee engagement and company performance with real-time access to the results module. The application has been fitted up with back-end tools for Metreno AS employees to manage users, companies, and transactions.

This evaluation platform with advanced reporting and survey options, helps enterprises, consultancies, and test providers to simplify and streamline the work of getting high-quality data and is optimized for human resources (HR) and health, safety and environment (HSE) evaluations.

  • HR departments representatives can add candidates/individuals to specified tests, send tests to designated candidates via email, view and analyse the result as well as obtain a final PDF-report in a pre-defined format.
  • Consultancies have access to a dedicated module which enables them to sell their tests/surveys through the built-in webshop.
  • Metreno AS has already managed to deliver their app-based service to corporate clients like Adecco, Statoil Fuel & Retail, Hogrefe, Karriereverktøy, SMEs, career/job centers, recruitment agencies, schools and educational institutions and municipalities.

Selleo has proved to be a team of skilled and professional programmers. It was only Selleo who understood what kind of business we were after. We were impressed by the professionalism the company has with regard to processes. They have done a remarkable job in delivering a great product to us.

Frode Jakhelln LaugenManaging Director at Metreno AS
Technology stack

Ruby on Rails and Angular web app

Metreno is a web application for high-quality evaluations and psychometric tests. To develop back-end part of the software we used Ruby on Rails and Sinatra, for front-end part we applied Angular, Bootstrap and HTML5 / CSS3. This tech-stack was accompanied with a number of updated Gems and external libraries, such as HighCharts, WKHTMLTOPDF, Apotomo, and PubNub.