Apparel & fashion eCommerce GraphQL development

Heist Studios is a London-based online bodywear brand. The company is known in the apparel & fashion industry for the reinvention of the humble pair of tights by adapting their design, manufacturing techniques and materials to the way people move. Heist was named the “unequivocal winner” in their luxury tights test by STYLE magazine and appreciated by several newspapers like VOGUE and The Huffington Post to name a few.

Heist Studios - screen

Efficient apparel & fashion solution to deal with a huge amount of orders

With great products and business strategy to sell them via an online store, our client needed a solid platform which is fast and easy to maintain. After selling over 100,000 pairs of tights in the first 12 months and a steady growth of 25% month to month, their initial application became hard to maintain and started to have some issues with efficiency. As Heist Studios reimagined a pair of tights, into a product that redefines superiority in comfort and fit for every female body, they wanted to adopt this approach of superiority and highest standards to their e-commerce platform. They looked for a back-end technology stack which:

  • has a well-established set of best practices which can improve the stability and maintainability of the whole solution
  • has the ability to dictate exactly what’s need from the server, and receive that data in a predictable way
  • allows to have one backend application, but multiple clients on the web, phones, and smartwatches depending on its data
Process and Project Scope

Speeding up development process with GraphQL

Our client needed a team of seasoned back-end developers with extensive experience in API design who were able to deal with technical challenges on their own. Together with the client, we decided to build new API using GraphQL and ensure high-quality codebase with Ruby on Rails. Our developers augmented client back-end team and helped them to speed up the development process.

Business Value

Fast and reliable e-commerce solution with GraphQL API

With global expansion our client needed a high-performing and maintainable e-commerce application to replace the old one. Selleo back-end developers together with the client’s internal team were able to build a brand new solution with the newest tech stack. To enable a smooth transition and keep a proven business logic the development was accomplished with the knowledge of the existing system in mind. The usage of GraphQL development allowed us to create a production-ready application which is database agnostic with a single endpoint responsible for accepting queries.

Technology stack

Ship high quality APIs faster

Having Ruby on Rails on the back-end and top coding skills, we could ensure fast, efficient development and craft well-performing e-commerce application. With GraphQL development we were able to get from the API exactly what we needed and ensure fast, stable solution that controls the data it gets not the server.