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American Funding Innovators, with more than 15 years in the business of grant search databases, is a US leader in helping organizations improve the management of grant funds and tracking results. AFI is also a partner organization with the Grant Professionals Association (GPA).

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Grant Navigator was meant to be designed and developed as a highly flexible solution with a simple design. The responsibility of the software and its configurability should address the highest standards and requirements of the clients, allowing them to adjust it to their needs and this is what sets it apart from the competition. The goal of this grant management system was to address the core causes of the many challenges faced by grant-funded organizations like:

  • automation the process of grant management
  • reduction of time and effort required for those actions

This intuitive digital dashboard was meant to serve:

  • colleges and universities managing thousands of grant projects
  • cities and counties helping them gain credibility
  • non-profits in building a knowledge base
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Service Process

The client approached us in 2014 with a task to rewrite their existing legacy system which was being used by clients but the architecture behind it required some redesign. The project was agreed to take place in phases which were to address consecutive steps that clients take on the platform. Taking into account new requirements Selleo was to design a new improved architecture for the CMS platform.
To benefit from expert domain and product knowledge, the client decided to use a custom methodology based on kanban with some elements of scrum (monthly sprints and dailys). This approach ensured high configurability, flexibility and simplicity of the development phases while maintaining programmatic and centralized focus.

The client has provided us with a detailed documentation of the current system as well as requirements for the required changes that needed to be introduced to the solution. Although the requirements document was based on the current system it clearly conveyed the direction the client wanted to take. We then started to work on an updated design for the system that meets the current industry standards as well as accommodate for the new functionalities that we were to introduce. Some of the notable new features were to include:

  • Tasks
  • File Upload
  • Budgets
  • Performance Metrics
  • Reporting and SubRecipient Monitoring.
client value & trust
Scott Frost
CEO American Funding Innovators, Inc., The USA

Selleo’s developers and designers, working halfway around the world, were always professional and surprisingly responsive, and their pairing system was instrumental in ensuring continuity over a project spanning 2 years. I would definitely recommend Selleo, and would not hesitate to work with them again.

business value

Centralization and standardization of policies, procedures and compliance efforts

Grant Navigator is a web-based grant management platform which aims to standardize compliance efforts and guide users through the whole grant life cycle. With its intuitive digital dashboards, recipient organizations have real-time one-click access to detailed information and all activities concerning grants.

It was designed to support the full grant life cycle, with configuration options to map the system to the unique policies, procedures, documentation needs and process flows of each grant recipient. All of the above allow users to follow deadlines and deal with other mission-critical information to eliminate a single point of failure.

AFI is now focused on delivering solutions to their clients exactly the way they want them to supporting small businesses as well as big colleges helping:

  • colleges and universities managing thousands of grant projects to reduce time and effort required for those actions
  • cities and counties to gain credibility through automated grant management process and data exporting features
  • non-profits in building a knowledge base with document libraries and streamlined communication
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