Automated Fleet Reporting

Transport Management System

The solution is aimed to facilitate management of a fleet of several cars by improving reporting efficiency and reducing the time required to produce and maintain fleet utilization reports.

Automated Fleet Reporting - screen
Business Value

Replace manual records with automatically generated analytics

The automated fleet reporting tool allows our client to track vehicle and driver statistics, monitor fleet online in real-time and enables savings through the automation of data collection and processing.

This cloud-based automated fleet reporting IoT solution combines back-end infrastructure with hardware GPS devices installed in fleet cars. Data and GPS history is automatically whenever the vehicle engine is on. With the use of web and mobile interfaces, users can monitor the streams of GPS coordinates with vehicles detailed locations which improves security and productivity.

As the system keeps historical data for auditing and analytics purposes, those responsible for planning are well equipped to use a web user interface to run search queries against the collected data.

Technology stack

The automated fleet reporting tool was developed using NodeJS.