Building 250,000 online stores with custom eCommerce platform


Grow online platform that simplifies the process and reduces the time it takes to select, order and deliver custom sport apparel & team gear.


Customized eCommerce platform allowing users to easily set up their own online store with personalized design and access to clothes from top brands like Nike or Adidas.

SquadLocker - screen

Building a store as easy as 1-2-3

SquadLocker will outfit your team in 2 weeks or less! Their web-based business integrates all the steps required to outfit a team in one application available online starting from design and ending on delivering the gear to each individual’s home.

The challenge was to design and build an online platform which will follow a process to enable users to build their own clothing store. This store would be dedicated to their sports team which in turn would lead to change the way teams select and buy customized team gear and apparel. The steps that needed to be integrated included:

  1. Visiting a local vendor
  2. Sizing players
  3. Filling out order forms
  4. Collecting checks
  5. Handing out ready gear

By designing an online process the team manager could create a dedicated store which would be provided to individuals so that they could themselves order the right configuration of the gear directly to their home. In such way:

  • the manager just controls his part of the job saving his own time and effort
  • as well as provides the otherwise unavailable flexibility to the team members.
Process and Project Scope

Working with several remote teams

Selleo delivers team consisting of three developers and one designer which works together with Squadlocker’s internal team located in Warwick USA. However, our cooperation includes also working with others outsourced teams spread across the world that Squadlocker collaborates with.

Business Value

Incredibly fast, hustle and error-free e-commerce experience

The main business value is in saving time the team managers need to invest in providing the team with a professional custom gear. The solution is an e-commerce platform with innovative online tools which make it easier for coaches and league administrators to manage athletic apparel purchasing for teams. It allows users to build their own clothing store dedicated to their sports team established to change the way teams select and buy customized team gear and apparel.

With this one-stop-shop, team managers and coaches can finally focus more on training their teams and stop worrying about the uniforms while easily supervise the outfits from a mobile device or a desktop computer. Setting up a store means that everyone can purchase uniforms tailored to their needs from leading apparel companies on their own and pay for them with just one click excluding complicated money operations.

The online experience is self-service, immediate, easy-to-launch

With easy, three-step setup the entire process is incredibly fast, hustle and error-free

Stores are opened 24/7 and are easy to manage

Through Selleo’s high-quality engineering and designs, the current website has attracted outstanding feedback from customers and industry partners alike. The team’s accessibility, strategic feedback, and scalable resources continue to boost productivity.

Keith RobertsCOO at SquadLocker
Technology stack

UX and UI driven e-commerce solution

Our full-stack developers were responsible for implementing new features in Ember and React and ensuring efficient UX/UI.