B2B Sourcing Management

The SourceRooms web platform is meant to support the professional end-user in the execution of price comparison and tendering processes, which are part of the procurement / sourcing domain.

Sourcerooms - screen
Business Value

Gather, consolidate and manage tendering processes

A Belgium IT consultancy contracted Selleo to develop the system as a one-sided platform for closed tenders. The SourceRooms solution enables to gather, consolidate and manage all tender-related contents and artefacts together in one location. Thus requirements, qualifications and feedback are generated and processed and the associated communications are conducted within a single platform.

All the parties involved can collaborate in a structured way to execute the tendering process and the system supports the sourcing company to make good sourcing decisions in an effective and efficient way.

The aim of this e-sourcing service is to support the execution of the business processes in a way that allows users to achieve tangible benefits in terms of time savings and more value extracted from a simplified and optimized supplier selection process.

Technology stack

Tender-based sourcing software tool

SourceRooms is a Rails 4.0 / Ruby 2.0.0 / PostgreSQL 9.2. application, developed by our Ruby on Rails team, that uses a number of brand-new gems and external libraries.