Simplifying B2B sourcing management process


Build a cloud-based platform to support the professional end-user in the execution of price comparison and tendering processes.


Sourcing platform that consolidates all procurement-related activities allowing users to save time and extract more value from optimized supplier selection process.

Sourcerooms - screen

Design and build web solution to speed up B2B sourcing processes

Vtelligence, a Belgium management consulting firm which specialized in supply chain improvements, Information Technology and ERP looked for SaaS sourcing solutions to improve their clients efficiency. They looked for a trusted software partner to design and develop an online platform which can add significant value for their customers.

As B2B users expect to instantly get the desired results when searching for products the aim of the platform was to optimize the process of sourcing for quotations from different companies and comparing prices on different sources.

The e-procurement solution should allow suppliers to easily compare products and prices, get tailored offers, reliable delivery, and make fast decisions.

Process and Project Scope

Iterate through several ideas before a single line of code was created

The whole project started with a series of workshops where we were engaged in discussing and designing a solution that would provide a required set of tools. A series of clickable wireframes that simulated a flow of steps that the user would follow to achieve a certain outcome were created.

Business Value

Gather, consolidate and manage tendering processes

A Belgium IT consultancy contracted Selleo to develop the system as a one-sided platform for closed tenders. The SourceRooms solution enables to gather, consolidate and manage all tender-related contents and artefacts together in one location. Thus requirements, qualifications and feedback are generated and processed and the associated communications are conducted within a single platform.

All the parties involved can collaborate in a structured way to execute the tendering process and the system supports the sourcing company to make good sourcing decisions in an effective and efficient way.

The aim of this e-sourcing service is to support the execution of the business processes in a way that allows users to achieve tangible benefits in terms of time savings and more value extracted from a simplified and optimized supplier selection process.

Selleo team doesn’t need to be managed externally thus saving a lot of time for us. From their communication to development, Selleo represents a top-level company. They’re responsible and proactive which always delivering the software on time.

Piet NeirinckCEO at Vtelligence
Technology stack

Tender-based sourcing software tool

SourceRooms is a Rails 4.0 / Ruby 2.0.0 / PostgreSQL 9.2. application, developed by our Ruby on Rails team, that uses a number of brand-new gems and external libraries.