Global Emergency Overview

NGOs / Nonprofit Organizations / Third Sector

This solution enables NGOs to share up-to-date content generated in the Global Overview, country analysis, and the Disaster Needs Analysis documents. The organizations working in the field – for example, the locally-active NGOs but also UN agencies and donors – are provided with analysis on a weekly basis and access to more in-depth documents on specific crises.

Global Emergency Overview - screen
Business Value

Aid decision-making processes

Our client needed a mobile data sharing platform for NGOs which would allow them to manage the above-mentioned processes efficiently and which would increase the frequency of the feedback provided by the people working on-site.

With regard to specific functionalities, the system enables mobile devices owners to get immediate notifications about new and updated documents; the user can browse through and download the available up-to-date documents, examine the global emergency overview as well as submit their feedback on the documents published.

All in all, the software system supports humanitarian decision-making and aid operations in disaster-affected areas.

Technology stack

Mobile platform for crises information sharing for NGOs

The back-end of the application was developed in Ruby on Rails and relies on PostgreSQL. We used jQuery to implement the front-end of the web app. Finally, the native mobile apps have been developed for Android and iOS devices.