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Neutopia is a social publishing and e-learning platform which enables aggregation and sharing of resources focused on the different aspects of creativity, design, psychology and leadership. The users can create playlists of their favourite educational materials organized into specific categories such as articles, books, events, courses, videos or websites.

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Flexible and personalised dashboard for self-driven learning

Our client from Sydney, Australia wanted to create a social e-learning platform available for everybody, not just students. An educational solution which is equipped with a simple design and uncomplicated interface, allows to motivate and encourages more curiosity from learners. It should deliver flexible and personalised dashboard that incorporates parts of machine learning into online and face to face learning for the best results.

The platform should address the needs and be used by:

  • authors and experts to enable social learning and share interests into learning communities
  • teachers and schools to introduce technology to classrooms and accelerate learning for students
  • teams and businesses to aid in team building, cooperation and get people organised to learn
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Service Process

Neutopia looked for a software development house to create a better platform for learning from a teacher’s and student's point of view. Having the part of UX designs and the information architecture design the client was in the need of back-end and front-end services, and some UX design help. As they planned to expand the project, their outsourcing partner should be able to adapt a team velocity to the current needs.
We used a Scrum approach while developing this project with client as a Product Owner and the rest of the Scrum Team on our side. Despite of the time difference the whole team was able to take part in all Scrum events and build family-like relationship with the client.

This progressive social learning platform combines both web and mobile solutions for the best user experience. With the wide content repository including videos, articles, books, audio files and slides students can adapt their course content to individual needs.

Neutopia includes course features like:

  • progress tracking
  • slide page
  • activity feed
  • personal workspace
  • notifications
  • search
  • smart triggers
client value & trust
Jamie Engel
Jamie Engel
CEO, Neutopia

Selleo excelled at the interpersonal parts of software design as well as the technical elements. They used daily communication to keep the project in check. Their company culture clearly nurtured an energetic and informal working environment.

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A complete school at your fingertips

The solution developed aims to help the students discover new content and create own playlists and bookmarks and is thought to be “a complete school at your fingertips.”

The materials can be gathered from different sources, tagged, rated, reviewed and shared either publicly or privately. The user can create their own influencer profile, add comments and ratings to other profiles and upload contents associated with specific topics. The contents can be uploaded easily from the desktop or embedded from YouTube / Vimeo – video, Amazon – books, SlideShare – presentations and other websites. The platform supports features including:

  • playlists to organize the best content and share it with others
  • recommendations based on the interests to discover even more materials
  • analytics presenting the most popular content among other students
  • goals and asks assignment to stay on track to personal success
  • progress bar to check learning progress regularly
  • bookmarks

This educational platform can be used by both individuals and educational institutions who want to promote their resources or courses. Moreover, it addresses the specific needs of:

  • authors and experts where peer to peer learning is the best way to grow together
  • teachers and schools delivering a place where people can learn from one another
  • teams and businesses that what to create a shared culture of appreciation and common purpose
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