Saving several million dollars yearly with jet engine diagnostics

BBA Aviation is world’s leading provider of aviation support and aftermarket services dedicated to delivering exceptional, long-term, sustainable value. One of the areas of support includes jet engine maintenance where the client has seen a potential for predicting the maintenance needs.

Percival - screen

Web system for forecasting and scheduling

The client was seeking to design and build a solution which would help optimize the preventive maintenance being performed on the jet engines to cut down the costs associated without compromising on the engine reliability. The argument on the optimization was based on the availability of information about the engines from 3rd party services. The challenge was to arrive at a set of rules that facilitates proactive monitoring of engine health and performance to quickly address any issues or questions. The rules were supposed to be derived from workshops organised together with the clients expert personnel specialising in the maintenance planning.

As a result, the client should be able to save several million dollars every year by automating the scheduling process for performing the maintenance.

Process and Project Scope

Involvement of subject matter expert in scope development

A series of Skype workshop meetings were performed where client jet maintenance experts meet with our consultants. Throughout several meetings, we have identified several key metrics and managed to establish a hypothesis on how to combine them and create required predictive maintenance indicators. Those were then used to design an architecture which would support the hypothesis and gave the right tools in hands of the planning managers.

Business Value

Proactive monitoring of engine health and performance

We developed it for the US-based company BBA Aviation plc which is a market-leading provider of global aviation support and aftermarket services. After building forecasting and scheduling functionalities the platform is designed to help users make informed decisions about preventative maintenance and repair. Having the platform web base enables users to achieve fast response times and gives them the ability to resolve customer problems quickly and effectively. This solution puts the BBA Aviation’s engine support teams ahead of the competition.

The Percival facilitates proactive monitoring of engine health and performance to quickly address any issues or questions. Integrated with several 3rd party services and full of intuitive functionalities, the platform supports aircraft reliability while lowering operating costs. Among the main advantages we could point out: *optimization of the maintenance times based on key jet engine performance indicators *easy scheduling and intuitive interface for maintenance planners huge cost savings by *automating the process and including more parameters than it was possible to do in a manual way

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Technology stack

Web system for forecasting and scheduling

As Ruby on Rails developers, we developed the back-end of the application in Ruby on Rails while the front-end in CoffeeScript and Bootstrap.