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TraceMyCall is a real-time call analytics cloud-based platform which allows tracking calls that are generated from organic search keywords, pay-per-click ads, websites, or print marketing materials.

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Matthew O’Neill
Matthew O’Neill
CEO & Co-Founder, Samewave UK

Selleo has proven to be one of the best outsource development partners we've ever used. They are reliable, communicative, always helpful, consistently deliver to a high standard and are an absolute pleasure to work with too.

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Measure the effectiveness of marketing actions

Selleo developed the TraceMyCall web platform and a dedicated WordPresss site for Quantus Software Services, headquartered in New York, who bring top-notch online technology standards to enterprises.When you use the TraceMyCall application, it is easy to manage multiple clients, companies, divisions or locations.The solution takes the mystery out of the inbound calling and – with a bunch of statistics and real-time notifications – provides a complete, holistic view of all the marketing efforts and their results.

It is meant for agencies or marketers who need to create multiple campaigns and for all businesses which attempt to optimize their marketing efforts for the lead generation. The solution allows to measure the effectiveness of marketing actions and enables to identify the channels and call-to-action messages which perform best.

Functionally, the platform enables its users to find out who is calling, why they are calling, and what they are calling about as well as provides such features as: call recording, caller geolocation, dynamic number insertion, real-time call statistics, e-mail call notifications, keyword tracking and exporting data to Microsoft Excel or Google Docs.

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