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Merge all platforms into a single page app

We developed the single page application for Place2Book – a Danish online ticketing system provider where all organizers, professionals and private persons, can easily create events, receive subscriptions and sell tickets.

The original system allowed event organizers to create events such as parties, festivals, courses, concerts, excursions, exhibitions, sports tournaments, etc.; receive subscriptions and/or sell tickets. At the same time, the Client was forced to support a number of separate tools in order to ensure ticket registration on various platforms (PC, Android, iOS). In order to simplify the process, we would need to create a single page application that would service scanning tickets across multiple devices (PCs, tablets and smartphones) with one and the same interface. As regards specific objectives, users were to be able to use smartphones and tablets to work with the Place2Book scanner on their own devices, the ticket verification process was to be faster and the scanner was supposed to be able to work without an internet connection.

Service Process

We have met with the client at our premises and analysed the existing system in place. From that analysis, we have created a work plan which included replacement of the existing parts with a new system that would be more modular and thus flexible. The transformation was to take place in iterations where a new part would be tested by a QA team and deployed to the live server afterwards.
Some parts of the system were developed according to the sales schedule which was established earlier and needed to be delivered within a fixed timeframe. This required the team to take extra measures so that we do not compromise on the effectiveness of the order of module delivery and the architecture is done right from the very beginning.
In terms of functionality, the solution allows the event organiser to login into the mobile app, browse through and select the events for scanning, scan tickets and automatically synchronize them with the server; besides, the user gets visual and audio confirmation about the ticket status and is able to view detailed information about each ticket.
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Uninterrupted online service and a single multiplatform code base

The selected approach enabled us to keep up with the client schedule of events that required new types of functionalities but at the same time replace the legacy system bit by bit. This assured an uninterrupted stream of cash inflow for the client revenue stream which enabled the coverage of associated spending.

In the end, client can create a profile and with a few clicks get online status of signups and deposits. Now it only takes about 10 min to create both the profile and the event. The client is now ready to receive subscriptions and / or sell tickets for your party, festival, course, concert, excursion, exhibition, sports tournament, yes the possibilities are many.

The system is designed in a way where the user needs to only place a link on to his website and the whole process is done through a browser without the need to install programs or pay server space. It’s also possible to use a sign-up link via email or place it on your Facebook profile.

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