Improving team effectiveness with workflow management


Develop the custom cloud-based platform to support managing the workflow and organization within particular departments.


Collaboration platform for shift planning featured with WBS creation and powerful reporting features integrated with an online document management system.

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Manage company workflow with a custom web platform

Northwood Advisors are a consulting firm from Southern California with more than 15 years of experience in the provision of BI solutions. The company helps to bridge the worlds of business and IT as well as to unify the efforts of various departments behind a singular purpose.

For their advantage, we created PacTrac - a cloud-based web platform for companies operating in the construction industry.

As a consultancy Northwood Advisors need to design, build and deploy various software solutions for their enterprise clients to help the latter gain and maintain a competitive advantage which improves the effectiveness, trajectory, and valuation of their businesses. Selleo was engaged by Northwood Advisors to develop a business process management tool PacTrac for a Northwood Advisor’s client: Pacific West Communications, Inc. – a telecommunications infrastructure and site development company. PWC needed a platform to support the management of:

  • employee tasks jobs assignments and scheduling prepared by managers
  • shift planning and report generation for employees
  • work evaluation providing necessary information to quality supervisors

Selleo’s main task was to develop the custom web platform that would aid the company in managing the workflow and organization within particular departments.

Process and Project Scope

A collaboration for shift planning, job distribution, powerful reports

Consultants form NA together with a PWC team designed a sustainable data acquisition system, while Selleo developed and implemented the solution thus designed.

Both service providers were systematically gathering feedback from PWC to efficiently deliver a solid software tool which addresses very tangible problems target customers/users are confronted with.

Business Value

A user-friendly interface with easy-to-understand reports

PacTrac is a cloud-based web platform which consists of several modules such as:

  • work breakdown structure creation and management
  • jobs assignments, schedules and shift planning
  • **powerful scanning, retrieval and reporting features

The platform is also integrated with an online document management system (eBridge) with powerful scanning, retrieval and reporting features. All of the features were designed to closely correspond with PWC real-life business processes with their specific characteristics.

The tool facilitates the management of the company by supporting:

  • managers in employees allocations, tasks and jobs assignments
  • workers managing work schedules, clients interactions and shift planning
  • quality supervisors providing them with work evaluation tools

This web solution enables construction managers to assign jobs to schedules and conduct efficient shift planning. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to schedule tasks for the workforce and to keep track of pending jobs. All the data is aggregated and processed into easy-to-understand reports. The report generation functionality supports the evaluation of work done.

Northwood Advisors’ reputation rides on every solution we deliver. So when I need a development partner, I feel comfortable knowing I’ve got the Selleo team helping me. Among many things, I appreciate that they have been willing to adapt their project management process to make it work better for me. And everyone on the team has been truly a pleasure to work with.

Myron WeberCEO at Northwood Advisors
Technology stack

A Ruby on Rails web platform

Selleo supported NA in delivering dashboard and scorecard for actionable, metrics-driven enterprise-wide system. The back end part of the platform was developed using Ruby on Rails. For the front-end we applied HTML5 / CSS3. This tech-stack was accompanied with a number of updated Gems and external libraries, such as HighCharts, WKHTMLTOPDF, Apotomo, and PubNub.