Michał Staśkiewicz

Michał Staśkiewicz


For over seven years, I have helped CTOs, and their Software Development Teams implement and maintain best technology practices. As a Senior Developer, I focus on the scalability and security of front-end and back-end applications, and my passion is to share my knowledge and mentor new developers.

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I craft software solutions which are used by such brands as Deloitte, Allianz, Google or Amazon.

I work with agile self-organised teams delivering high-quality service. My main focus in this area is building and maintaining the client’s trust and satisfaction.

Apart from consultancy and development work, I contribute my expertise to Open Source communities. I trust in people and thus enjoy discovering and nurturing talents. I do this through professional training and mentoring programs for enterprise clients and developers attending Mikstura.IT Foundations workshops. I also introduce students into the great world of programming during CoderDojo sessions.

"Knowledge seeks community. Knowledge wants to happen, just as life wants to happen. Both want to happen as a community. Nothing illustrates this principle more than the Internet."Verna Allee: Profiles in Knowledge

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