Team augmentation - 5 key conditions for a team to work effectively

Team augmentation - 5 key conditions for a team to work effectively

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Team augmentation - 5 key conditions for a team to work effectively

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Did you know that according to research, the global market for IT outsourcing was estimated to be worth $92.5 billion, and only around 35% of IT jobs required a remote team?

In today's competitive business environment, when talent is scarce, companies frequently resort to  team augmentation as a strategic approach to satisfy their human resources demands.

Team augmentation is a methodical strategy for managing and acquiring personnel. During times of high workload, unique projects, or when a particular skill set is required, companies can temporarily contract-hire talented people to support their in-house teams. To increase efficiency and save costs, companies can scale their resources up or down according to the project's needs.

Businesses can get a sizable labor pool with a wide range of abilities by using flexible team augmentation services but without the long-term cost commitment associated with full-time employees. In addition, it enables them to quickly modify the structure of their team in response to modifications to the project, guaranteeing they always have the best candidates.

This article will examine seven key elements necessary for team augmentation projects to succeed, assisting you in maximizing the advantages and ensuring a successful partnership with your outsourcing partner.

After reading the article you will learn:

  • What are the best scenarios to consider staff augmentation?
  • How to choose the right type of  Staff Augmentation?
  • What are the challenges a business faces during staff augmentation?
  • What are the key conditions for a team to work effectively under staff augmentation?
  • What is the future of staff augmentation, and why is it popular in IT?

Scenarios When Staff Augmentation is the Best Option

It is crucial to carefully consider whether and under what circumstances to opt for staff augmentation services. Here are five situations in which opting for team augmentation might be beneficial for your company.

best scenarios of staff augmentation

Scenario 1 - When you need to immediately boost capacity

A team may swiftly expand with more remote developers by using staff augmentation. When you must gear up for a new project or run into an urgent issue, this might be useful. Working with a larger team in addition to your internal one while managing a project with a short deadline might provide you with the extra resources you need.

Scenario 2 - When you need to access developers with particular skills

Utilizing staff augmentation services might be a wonderful option if you need a certain skill set that you don't already have an in-house development team. Whether you want an AI specialist, a web developer, or a QA engineer, there is a sizable pool of remote expertise.

Additionally, staff augmentation enables you to enlist the assistance of a specialist without engaging them for a long term.

Scenario 3 - When you need expertise in a specific area

Staff augmentation might also be a terrific choice if you need to expand your local team with an individual who possesses certain technical expertise. This can be useful if you are working on a brand-new project that calls for expertise in a certain field or if your software developers are having trouble overcoming an unforeseen project obstacle.

Scenario 4 - When you need additional support

When you want more assistance, you may also software team augmentation to provide developers with the extra assistance they need. This might be useful when traffic is heavy, you are working on a big software development project, or your entire team is occupied with other projects.

Together with your primary software development team, a dedicated remote development team may assist relieve some of the burden and guarantee that the task is completed.

Scenario 5 - When you need to scale up quickly

If your workload suddenly increases as a result of a new customer or a particularly successful product launch, or if you lack the office space or financial resources to recruit a new in-house team, staff augmentation may be quite useful in this case.

It takes practically no time at all to put together a dedicated team to assist you with your primary business duties and collaborate with your local team, providing you more time to manage the workload and eventually hire someone to work full-time.

What to Consider When Choosing the Right Highly-Skilled Augmentation Team?

what to consider when choosing the right highly-skilled augmentation team?

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind while selecting the staff augmentation model. The following elements should be taken into account when choosing a team augmentation service provider:

Experience & Expertise: Search for service providers with a history of providing top-notch products or services in your sector or a particular area.
Flexibility and Scalability: Make sure the staff augmentation services provider is able to adapt to your changing demands and grow the team as necessary for software development.
Cultural Fit: Examine the provider's cultural fit with your business to enable seamless integration and fruitful cooperation.
Project management and communication: To guarantee efficient coordination and honesty, assess the provider's project management tools, processes, and channels.
Talent Pool: Check the provider's capacity to draw from a wide range of knowledgeable individuals who can match your needs.

What challenges will a business face during staff augmentation?

The following are a few difficulties that you may face when using a team augmentation method to grow your software development team.

Smooth Integration

Keeping individuals on the same page can be challenging when a software development team is enlarged by new members. Because of this, it's crucial to establish effective communication and teamwork early on.

Having a strategy in place for welcoming new software development team members may also be beneficial. This may be onboarding, frequent communication with the project managers, training, or any other measures that will make remote developers feel at home.


However, staff augmentation is more cost-effective than recruiting in-house workers or freelancers. If your budget is really tight, you should first consider if it would be beneficial in the long term to spend a little more money upfront on hiring an in-house team for your project rather than dealing with issues.

The price of hiring a software developer varies from country to country. According to Clutch research on over 1000+ software development projects, an Indian staff-augmented company can charge around $25 to $49 per hour. Similarly, hiring a team augmentation company from Poland can charge around $45 to $99.

The cost of hiring an augmented team depends on expertise, skill sets, time difference, and political stability. Considering all factors together, Europe is considered the best option compared to Asia.

Control Over the Process

Augmentation gives you more control over hiring a freelance software developer and it helps meet the business requirement more effectively.

It's crucial to comprehend the procedures and methods used by remote individuals or teams, as well as how much they value your company's culture. You won't be able to keep the project going ahead and produce the intended outcomes until you do that.

Take into account how sensitive any data you reveal is to maintain control. For this, it is usually a good idea to sign an augmentation contract with NDA terms and conditions with the relevant vendor and developers.

5 key conditions for a team to work effectively under staff augmentation

5 conditions to work effectively in staff augmentation

Here are 5 key conditions which can become a challenge for a team to work effectively under staff augmentation. Below we present them together with tips on how to overcome these challenges.

Clearly Defined Requirements

For staff augmentation initiatives to be successful, the needs must be precisely stated. Confusion, delays, and even project failure can result from requirements that are unclear or improperly stated. You may guarantee that the augmented team is aware of what is expected of them by outlining the skills, requirements, deliverables, and expectations in plain detail upfront.

Examples of How Undefined Requirements Can Cause Problems:

  • Misalignment of skill sets: In the absence of explicit criteria, there is a chance that employees may be hired with the wrong knowledge or technical expertise, which might result in inefficiencies and poor performance.
  • Low-Level Scope: When project work is added without enough planning or review, it is a result of unclear requirements. Delays, higher expenditures, and a worse standard of quality may result from this.

Hire a staff augmentation partner that:

  • Clearly states the knowledge, abilities, and duties needed for the staff augmentation role.
  • Provides clear project goals and deliverables to prevent misconceptions and ensures that everyone is aware of the project's goals, deadlines, and anticipated results.
  • Establishes mechanisms for routine communication and clarifications to guarantee that any misunderstandings in the requirements are swiftly resolved.

Thorough Screening Process

To make sure that the increased personnel has the requisite training, experience, and cultural fit, a rigorous screening process is important. Neglecting or conducting a poor screening procedure may lead to the employment of people who may not be qualified for the project or who will not get along with your existing in-house team.

Risks of Badly Performed Screening:

  • Gaps in skills: Improper screening may lead to the appointment of personnel who lack the necessary abilities, causing delays and poor work.
  • Cultural mismatch: If employment candidates are not thoroughly vetted, you run the danger of hiring people whose values and work styles do not match your company's values and work culture, which might lead to disagreements and impede teamwork.

Hire a team augmentation vendor:

  • Who clearly defines the desired skills and experience to help with the screening process.
  • Who will evaluate the applicant's knowledge and problem-solving skills, and pose pertinent technical and situational questions.
  • Who will ensure that candidates will fit in with your company's values, working environment, and incorporate behavioral and cultural fit evaluations into the screening process.

Clear Communication

The staff augmentation initiative requires effective communication at all times, as explained. Miscommunication or a lack thereof can result in errors, which can cause delays, rework, and, eventually, project failure. Firstly, it's important to develop lines of communication that are both clear and efficient.

Examples of How Communication Problems Can Cause Project Failure:

  • Lack of status updates: It is difficult to track progress and handle problems as they arise without constant communication and contact between your internal team and the augmented personnel.
  • Unclear expectations: Uncertain expectations can lead to varying interpretations of what is expected, which might produce work that falls short of the standards that are wanted.

Hire a software development company:

  • Which clearly specifies the best ways to communicate and provide frequent updates to report information to guarantee efficient communication throughout the project.
  • Which promotes open discussion to avoid any miscommunications, and encourages a space where team members may openly seek clarification, ask questions, and give feedback.
  • Which ensures to use collaborative tools to assist your team and the increased personnel in communicating clearly and effectively.


The ability to adjust to priorities and unanticipated obstacles makes flexibility essential in staff augmentation programs. Being overly inflexible or averse to change might reduce the efficiency of staff augmentation and prevent you from getting the outcomes you want.

Examples of How Inflexibility Can Hinder Results:

  • Inability to adapt to changing needs: Lack of flexibility makes it difficult to adjust to changing market dynamics and project requirements, which limits the project's capacity to meet demands as they change.
  • Lack of innovation: Innovation is hampered by rigidity since it may deter the enlarged personnel from coming up with fresh concepts or putting more effective methods into practice.

Hire a staff augmentation partner that:

  • Who embraces agile methodologies by implementing agile practices that promote adaptability, continuous improvement, and response to changing conditions.
  • Who encourages collaboration and feedback by promoting dialogue and criticism and fostering a culture of flexibility and readiness to change, creating an atmosphere where the workforce feels comfortable offering recommendations and comments.
  • That regularly reviews and reassesses the progress, requirements, and milestones of the project to spot any modifications that are required and make sure it continues on course.

Performance Monitoring

The staff augmentation project's progress and quality must be monitored regularly, as explained in the following paragraphs. You can spot any problems, take immediate action to fix them, and make sure the project continues on course by routinely reviewing the performance of both your internal team and the augmented personnel.

Examples of Risks Caused by Not Monitoring Performance:

  • Substandard work quality: Without performance monitoring, it's possible for below-average work to go unnoticed, resulting in lowered standards and dissatisfied clients.
  • Lack of accountability: Performance monitoring promotes responsibility, ensuring that both your team and the augmented employees are accountable for their allocated responsibilities and outputs.

Hire a staff augmentation vendor:

  • Who frequently evaluates employee performance and plans regular performance assessments to give feedback, acknowledge accomplishments, and address any performance difficulties as soon as they arise.
  • Who promotes open dialogue and encourages a culture where team members can discuss problems freely, solicit assistance, and give each other performance comments.

What is the future of staff augmentation in IT?

Given the enormous size of the software development industry and the simplicity of recruiting provided by IT staff augmentation, it's no wonder that it's so well-liked today. In 2025, according to a GlobalNewsWire analysis, this market's revenue is expected to grow at a rate of 11% CAGR, or close to $1,493 billion. Growth at these rates would be impossible without having access to a sizable pool of expert software developers, which is only achievable due to resource augmentation, which helps distribute IT workers among enterprises.

The flexibility of staff augmentation also fits the rising recruiting requirements of today's IT organizations quite well. Hiring an internal staff entails several stages, including background checks, candidate screening, payroll choices, and registration procedures.

As a result, if you want to swiftly onboard people for upcoming, critical initiatives, it is time-consuming, resource-intensive, and ultimately inappropriate. In particular, when you require fresh personnel for a short while, firing such people is difficult and reduces the value of your internal employment.


It is obvious that finding fresh talent is difficult, and hiring new staff can very easily lead to unpredictably bad results. You can maximize the advantages of staff augmentation and make sure your partnership with your outsourcing partner is successful by adhering to these essential requirements. Effective staff augmentation programs must have a variety of components, including clear requirements, comprehensive screening, clear communication, adequate training, realistic timetables, flexibility, and performance monitoring.

Select an outsourcing partner with experience who is aware of these circumstances and makes use of their knowledge to effectively complete your project.

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