Weekly Developers Digest Vol 5

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Weekly Developers Digest Vol 5

Through the week we are discussing some tech ideas, sharing interesting technology articles and resources. To show our places on the web we decided to publish Weekly Developers Digest with links to the content we were talking about on our internal DEV channel.


Clean Code concepts adapted for JavaScript

Software engineering principles, from Robert C. Martin’s book Clean Code, adapted for JavaScript. This is not a style guide. It’s a guide to producing readable, reusable, and refactorable software in JavaScript.



Lebab transpiles your ES5 code to ES6/ES7. It does exactly the opposite of what Babel does. If you want to understand what Lebab exactly does, try the live demo.


13 best practices to secure your web application

Everyone agrees that web application security is very important but few take it seriously. Here’s a 13-step security checklist that you should follow before deploying your next web application.

I have added links to some npm modules which assist in solving some of these problems, where appropriate.


Grid system

Options for structuring your pages with Bootstrap, including global styles, required scaffolding, grid system, and more.


React’s Five Fingers of Death.

Master these five concepts, then master React. The five key concepts are: Components, JSX, Props & State, The Component API, Component Types



MongoDB ransom attacks soar, body count hits 27,000 in hours



Have you already heard about a new shine JavaScript framework/library that have been released recently? In JS ecosystem they spring up like mushrooms so you can have your `developer chase mode` always on. Learning something new is by definition a good thing, don’t get me wrong. Still, if you look at JavaScript Fatigue, it is a pretty overwhelming situation.


Pigeon Maps

ReactJS maps without external dependencies


The Crons are Here

Sometimes we need to test our projects not because we have changed anything, but because maybe our dependencies have changed, or we want to have an automatic build to get a nightly release out.


TOP 50 developer tools of 2016

Want to know exactly which tools should be on your radar in 2017? Our 3rd annual StackShare Awards do just that! We’ve analyzed thousands of data points to bring you rankings for the hottest tools



Generation of diagrams and flowcharts from text in a similar manner as markdown.
Ever wanted to simplify documentation and avoid heavy tools like Visio when explaining your code?
This is why mermaid was born, a simple markdown-like script language for generating charts from text via javascript.


Announcing Alacritty

Alacritty is a blazing fast, GPU accelerated terminal emulator. It’s written in Rust and uses OpenGL for rendering to be the fastest terminal emulator available. Alacritty is available on GitHub in source form.


Docker in Production

9 Critical Decisions for Running Docker in Production. You’ve got your Rails or Rack-based Ruby app built. It’s even running in Docker off your laptop and other developers on your team have it up-and-running as well. Everything looks good, so time to ship it.


Know IT all

Skills checklist for developers.


How to Build a High Velocity Development Team

Your market — every market — is being disrupted by transformative new technology. Not just better apps, but quantum leaps in tech evolution that will redefine the human experience.


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