High quality traffic and improved sales with a game ranking platform


Integrate Google Trends to download information and automate data fetching for a detailed ranking, categorization and game comparison platform.


A solution for gaming enthusiasts driving traffic and recognition to the main product page with a new UX/UI design and Shopify integration.

MetaEdge - screen

MetaEdge’s mission is to help the community gain a competitive edge through content and products. They want to disrupt the overpriced and outdated gaming peripherals industry through building higher quality solutions at a lower price. They produce premium performance gaming-focused products like mice, keyboards, headsets etc.

They contacted us in November 2020 to start collaborating in December as they were lacking an in-house development team and wanted to generate more traffic for better positioning. We were responsible for building a video game ranking with a detailed categorization like genre, platform or type. Apart from that, we were also working on downloading data from Google Trends on popularity, game search, detailed view or game comparison.

The main challenges of the project are:

  • proper integration with Google Trends in order to download information about games
  • implementation of functionality that will allow downloading this data every day at a given time
  • integration with client’s Shopify application
Process and Project Scope

MetaEdge reached out to us in November and we started the development in December. We created a dedicated development team that will build a solution according to the client’s requirements using Next.js and Strapi.io.

Business Value

A detailed video gaming platform powered by Next.js

MetaEdge provides their customers with gaming peripherals like mouses, keyboards etc of top quality while preserving low prices. As they were lacking an in-house development team, they contacted Selleo to work on their eCommerce platform. Our dedicated React.js team handled the implementation of Google Trends within the video game platform as well as integrate it with client’s Shopify application.

The work provided improves traffic on the main gaming peripherals website helping the client to gain recognition and new customers.

Apart from that, the solution enables clients to:

  • compare video games
  • categorize games with filters
  • download data from Google Trends
  • view detailed information about games
  • search for games
Technology stack

React’s open-source framework and Strapi.io

For the project, we decided to use Next.js - a React.js open-source framework for front-end development. We combined it with Strapi.io for headless CMS.