Creating a new opportunity to leverage the management process


Build a powerful dashboard to gain insight into crucial statistics and track the performance to improve marketing activities.


A new admin application with detailed metrics from multiple sources, management functionalities helping to measure business outcomes.

Onclusive - screen

Get smarter with artificial intelligence

Onclusive is a data science company for communications. Their aim is to connect content to business outcomes and use artificial intelligence to reveal strategies that drive brand engagement. With thousands of high-performance campaigns around the world, Onclusive helps businesses get smarter. They increase performance and demonstrate value by offering new opportunities and tools for communication and digital marketing business.

In June 2020, we were contacted by the company, which at that time, was looking for Ember.js and Ruby on Rails developers. They wanted a creative team that will handle building a brand new application as well as experienced front-end and back-end developers who could enhance their in-house team in building the main app. The main goal was to create a Partner Panel, which would simplify the management of clients’ profiles, organizations and subscriptions as well as give insight into important metrics and statistics.

The challenges of the project were as follows:

  • build an application with a dashboard that will provide access to usage metrics, various statistics and management functions
  • API consumption from the client’s side
  • prepare an API for the Partner Portal / control panel together with unit tests
  • convert mockups into dynamic views
  • prepare application components for managing organizations, plans and users
Process and Project Scope

Onclusive needed both front-end and back-end developers who could not only support their in-house team members but also create an independent development team to create a Partner Portal. We closely collaborated with the Product Owner from the client’s side to achieve the best results in the possibly shortest turnaround time. Our codebase was continuously integrated by using Semaphore CI and after passing all of the integrity checks, the code was deployed to Heroku preview apps. This allowed the QA specialists to test functionalities without asking developers to deploy their code manually. Due to the large set of data, we used ElasticSearch for handling searching between the datasets.

Business Value

A powerful tool to support the management and administration

Onclusive LTD aims to help marketers in decision-making processes by providing tools for measuring performance that are powered by data science. Onclusive has been supporting enterprises like Ford, Airbnb and Lyft with its innovative media monitoring tools built for marketing, PR & communications and executive departments.

The application created by the Selleo team not only allows managing users and organizations, changing settings and subscription plans from the admin panel, but also viewing data statistics in the form of charts. The solution includes detailed information on excluded articles, number of users, bounce rate or session duration. What is more, usage metrics provide insight into average time per session, total time on platform or top user sessions. This allows to gain priceless knowledge on media posted, measure business outcomes and identify potential room for improvement.

This powerful solution gives organizations the ability to:

  • track important usage metrics in the form of charts, grouped by different variables
  • manage users and their subscription plans
  • gain a new feature in the main system (Monitor App) which allows to differentiate between various articles grouped by type and media coverage and view their stats (article amplification and article count)
Technology stack

Ruby on Rails mixed with Ember.js

Throughout the project, we used Ruby on Rails for the back-end and Ember.js for the front-end. We also made use of Heroku for the cloud platform, MiniTest and Qunit for testing purposes.