Uniting inspiring teachers who love to teach with curious students who want to learn.


Speed up the launch of an MVP that encourages learning new things and exploring the world.


A ready to be released product for personalized learning through live, dynamic and fun classes.

ClickAula - screen

Perform a design audit and code refactoring for a better, more powerful MVP with amazing new features.

ClickAula is an eLearning platform dedicated to Brazilian students. It is a perfect place for finding interactive, online classes for children aged 2 to 15 years old on animals, nature or learning math using Lego. Unlike traditional classes, the solution offers children a unique opportunity to explore their interests through interactive video classes.

ClickAula was looking for a team of software engineers to speed up the development of the MVP, implement new features and add 3rd party integrations.

The scope of the project included: - a design audit - code refactoring - adding features to teachers’ and parents’ panels - implementation of email notifications

Process and Project Scope

Our collaboration was focused on delivering an MVP as quickly as possible in order to shorten the product’s time-to-market while preserving the code quality.

Business Value

A unique eLearning platform perfect for supplementing children’s education with fun and one-of-a-kind interest-based classes.

Thanks to the Selleo team, ClickAula gained an MVP ready to be released and sold. It is a powerful platform focused on teaching children various skills like Maths, English as well as Capoeira or how to deal with anger.

The MVP now has:

  • a refactored code
  • new features for the teachers’ and parents’ panels
  • integration with Contentful
  • updated designs
Technology stack