A unique eLearning platform perfect for diversifying children’s education with fun and one-of-a-kind interest-based classes. The platform is mainly dedicated to Brazilian learners.

ABOUT THE PROJECTGeneral project overview

The project ClickAula is an interactive eLearning platform designed for Brazilian students aged 2 to 15. It offers unique online classes on various subjects like animals, nature, and math using Lego.

The challenge was to enhance the MVP with new features, design audit, and code refactoring. Selleo's team focused on quickly delivering an MVP to reduce time-to-market while maintaining code quality.

The outcome was a powerful, feature-rich platform that includes updated designs, improved teacher and parent panels, and integration with Contentful, enhancing children's educational experience.

ProcessFullstack MVP development with amazing features


Delivering an MVP as quickly as possible in order to shorten the product’s time-to-market.


The development was divided into week-long sprints, beginning on Monday with regular standup meetings during the week conducted via Slack or Google Meets.


Design updates, code refactoring, and adding new features to the existing panels along with integration with solutions like Contentful.

business value

What our client got from the collaboration

Thanks to the Selleo team, ClickAula gained an MVP ready to be released and sold.

The platform is designed to teach children various skills like Maths, English as well as Capoeira, and how to deal with anger.

The MVP now has:

  • a refactored code
  • new features for the teachers’ and parents’ panels
  • integration with Contentful
  • updated designs
the team behindMeet the people behind the story
Combining coding talents with managerial experience, we build dev teams focused on quality and serene deployment.
PawełClient and Team Lead
I specialize in front-end components like EmberJS, React.js and Redux with some background in Ruby on Rails. I focus on designing robust, scalable and secure software solutions with clean, reliable and efficient JavaScript and Ruby code. I have experience in international projects where I implement Agile and Scrum approach accompanied by extreme Team-oriented spirit.
Łukasz Walczak
Łukasz Lapczyk
Paweł Kuwik
Michał Staśkiewicz
Michał Greń

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