Agile HR - 4 Steps To Empower Your Recruitment Process

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Agile HR - 4 Steps To Empower Your Recruitment Process

Some people say that recruiting and hiring the right candidates takes time, energy and patience. In my opinion hiring process can be a great positive experience both for the candidates as well as for the company. And you should remember that you never get a second chance to make a first impression.

It’s especially important in the IT industry where HR departments are doing their best to gather as many CVs as they can. Some departments are so focused on the quantity of new applications that they don’t care about a possible negative effect on the productivity and relationship as the new people will join the team. How many colleagues do you know today who are suffering from the consequences of poor hiring decisions?

Creating awesome posters, websites, messages is really good but the problem is, that behind this top-notch copywriting and design there is the same old fashioned boring job interview.

During those mostly one-on-one conversations and probably some professionally looking assessment, it’s really hard to find a good match for the team. Some candidates seem charming and competent, some of them are really poor, but in most cases their interview is not related with their true performance and ability to work in a work environment. Having all of this in mind I took some of my colleagues and designed the most innovative recruitment process in Poland (yes we get an HR Dream Team Award 2015 for this). Now I would like to share with you … 4 steps TEAM model for HR3.0 process. Following those steps you can change your regular job interview into an engaging process which allows candidates to feel the organizational culture, embrace team productivity and experience self-organization or any other value important for your team.

Target change — Step 1

Forget about the typical job interview approach and all the things you’ve been using till today. No more dumb questions about strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, plans for the next 5 years and similar interview killers. No more personality assessments and questionnaires. Use your creativity, break the HRoutine chains and design a process which will be an unforgettable experience for all the candidates. Look for a positive change that can be your differentiator on the recruitment market. The hiring patterns you establish today will determine the kind of culture, service standards, and reputation you will have tomorrow.

Empower people — Step 2

It is probably the strangest part of hiring process in most companies. All the decisions about hiring are made by the people who actually won’t work with those candidates in the future. Involve people who are supposed to work with newbies and allow them to select the ones they want. Let them decide on both soft-skills as well as the technical ones. They are more skilled to evaluate the qualities and personality of the new co-worker than you or anyone from the HR department. Check together if there is a match between the candidates and peers and are they able to reach the desired output in the future.

Appreciate personality — Step 3

Hire for attitude and train for skill. Design a process focused on the ability and aptitude to learn new things. Personality really matters and in some cases it’s far more important than technical skills. If one is an open-minded and fast learner such person can easily master new technologies or skills. Being able to communicate with the rest of the group and having self-organization approach seems to be more important and harder to learn.

Make the difference — Step 4

Apply your brilliant idea instead of what you have now. Design a process which really helps the team to reach its goals, not the goals of the HR department. Think about creating something which can simulate the real work environment and will be a source of joy and positive attitude. Design a process to get the specific attitudes you want to verify skills and values needed. Spread happiness and empowerment across your company. Manage candidate experience and create solid brand within the potential candidates.

The Selleo Way

All the steps in our recruitment process based on the TEAM model were described by my colleague Szymon in this article. For me, the most innovative and important parts are “Organizational culture, communication and self-organization workshop” based on Management 3.0 concepts and three fully paid pair-programming days scheduled during normal working hours with the actual teammate on real project tasks.
Being focused on personality and believing that team working skills are as important as the technical ones we see our recruitment process as the extension of our approach to managing company and deal with our community of engaged co-workers on a daily basis.

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