Ember Js Developers Mind Developer Ergonomics

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Ember Js Developers Mind Developer Ergonomics

Nowadays, developers opt for client-side frameworks to simplify the web development process. Although there are many frameworks to choose from, Ember.js is one that stands out and should be considered by developers (as well as business clients) as a good tool they can use in their future projects.

Ember.js developers designed their MVC (Model View Controller) JavaScript framework having two goals in mind; first, make a tool for creating outstanding web applications; second, care for developer ergonomics. To achieve their goals, Ember.js developers integrated templates into Ember’shandlebars that update automatically whenever the underlying data changes. Developers also incorporated into Ember.js common idioms that save time and enhance productivity. As a result ofEmber.js developers’ efforts, Ember.js makes it possible to create sophisticated JavaScript applications with URL support, writing fewer codes than in other frameworks.

According to Ember.js creators, developers need to become familiar with core concepts of the framework. Some common nominal terms developers will deal with when using Ember.js are, Routes (as we predict they may become a part of Components soon), Models, and Components (which substituted Views).

  • A route object shows the state of the application (compared to a URL)
  • A model object contains the data associated with the present state of the application
  • Components are used to create template reusable custom elements (Lahoti & Nyman, 2014)

We acknowledge that Ember.js is tightly connected with the technologies that make up the web today. Therefore, we include Ember.js in our web solutions, and our Ember.js developers gain experience in an international work environment.

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