Poland Attractive Outsourcing Location

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Poland Attractive Outsourcing Location

The Onshore, Nearshore, Offshore: Unsure? research report prepared by Jones Lang LaSalle together with the Association of Business Service Leaders, Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency and Hays Poland – is an analysis of the development opportunities for modern business services sector in Poland and indicates that Poland is one of the most attractive outsourcing locations in Europe.

The report provides a comprehensive picture of the key factors for investors in the decision making process, including:

The Destination for Modern Business Services

The range of functions that are being near/off-shored to CEE is growing in complexity at a faster pace than in Asia. Poland has a maturing outsourcing market and is a long-term investment destination in which to settle, expand and evolve one‟s business.

Business Environment

Poland is one of the most rapidly growing markets in Europe. A high level of investment attractiveness and a declining complexity of doing business.

Labour Market

A growing number of experienced employees and skilled graduates, a wide diversity of foreign language knowledge, attractive labour costs, significant mobility and low attrition rates. Cost arbitrage is no longer given the highest weighting in the decision-making hierarchy.


Poland, with its 12 international airports, is well connected to all major cities in Europe within two to three hours‟ flying time. Poland is also located in a favourable time zone for global communications.

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