The European App Economy Report

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The European App Economy Report

The growing importance of apps to Europe’s economy is the subject of a new report sponsored by the ACT 4 Apps which provides app developers with educational events, development and UI tools, and a platform for getting more involved in policy issues that affect them. The app report is based on VisionMobile’s Q3 2013 Developer Economics global survey conducted from April to May 2013 (which polled more than 6,000 “stakeholders” across the app ecosystem including developers, designers CTOs, management and hobbyists).

As one can read in the executive summary:

“The App Economy began with the launch of the Apple App Store just five years ago. Today the App  Economy is a dynamic and expanding sector with several competing stores and platforms, including  offerings from Apple, Google, Microsoft, BlackBerry, Amazon and others. Downloads of applications –“apps” – total around 100 billion with nearly 1 million apps available across an increasing number of app stores. The economic impact is significant and growing.


There are a number of areas where we believe governments in Europe can make a difference and  support the App Economy:

  • Facilitating access to government data for developers, e.g. mapping, meteorological and real time public transport data as well as information on community level services.
  • Enhancing connectivity by making more spectrum available for wireless services.
  • Advancing the European single market in intellectual property and communications.
  • Embracing app-driven innovation across all sectors, e.g. health, education, enterprise, lifestyle.
  • Ensuring a flexible and supportive business environment for start-ups and entrepreneurs.
  • Europe has an opportunity to lead and the time to act is now.”

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