We Are Going To React Native EU 2019

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We Are Going To React Native EU 2019

We are happy to announce that Selleo will be participating in this year’s edition of React Native EU 2019.

React Native EU is the first community conference in Europe dedicated solely to React Native and is taking place in Wroclaw, Poland.

Similarly to other conferences, the event is full of workshops, interesting presentations and networking opportunities.

This year’s edition could not be different. Here are some presentations that we are extra excited to hear:

The new RN

The React Native team has been reworking the architecture for almost two full years. As we approach the end of the project, Emily Janzer - a software engineer at Facebook, will present how the new React Native will look like with TurboModules and Fabric enabled and missing the famous asynchronous communication layer.

Security and authentication in React Native

The presentation by Kadi Kraman a Senior Software Engineer at Formidable Labs focused on differences between React’s and React Native’s security and authentication methods.

Forms in React Native

The speaker of this presentation - Jared Palmer - says we will dive deeper into forms in React Native. He will talk about managing focus, error messages, validation and working with 3rd party inputs. As the author of Formik, Jared will make an introduction to Formik Native.

Is Typescript our future

A quick presentation by Radek Czemerys comparing Typescript to Flow, showing their adoption to React Native and other similar libraries. It will also include a case study of migration from Flow to Typescript on a real-life project.

Improving React Native performance

Application performance is super important for developers. In his presentation, Tzvetan Mikov will show some techniques used by Facebook to improve React Native applications.

React Native @ Microsoft

Microsoft makes use of React Native to power number of their products. In this presentation, Micah Lewis and E.J. Layne will focus on how they leverage it on a day-to-day basis.

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