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Benefits of our Education Software Development services

Personalize the eLearning experience to produce deeper learning outcomes and achieve maximum freedom in creating courses and content for online education. Author,manage and dliver collaborative and engaging virtual classes,

Education Software development services

Streamline learning and development and convert instructor-led training into a cloud-based, configurable learning management system. Track the impact of learning on critical KPIs like engagement, retention and skills. Compare training goals to organizational performance, scale your learning operations and organize internal and external learning activities for multiple audiences.

Learning Management Systems

Digital platforms can also be used in learning management systems. LMS are platforms helping to educate people, organize, create, edit and grade courses and tests. In learning management they help to track and document learning achievements and progress while delivering training programs and courses. Tests and distribution of assignments is also conducted through the online system. Learning management systems bring advantages to those who teach and the ones who are taught. They can be used by many different industries including big enterprises, organizations, governments and schools providing training of employees and online teaching.

Digital Publishing Platforms

Digital publishing platforms gained recognition with the growing popularity of mobile devices. Digital content is slowly taking over the physical one. Publishing platforms give users great experience from the very first seconds. They help to achieve strategic goals and can be used as a marketing strategy. Easy creation of content published across various platforms, distribution and performance tracking helps you to go beyond the ordinary publishing strategies. Thanks to functionalities like sharing, statistic generation combined with the interactive elements and security is what makes digital publishing platforms so popular.

Social Publishing and eLearning Platform

With the growing popularity of everything being present on the internet, available on mobile devices and computers learning also had to transfer to the online world. E-learning platforms are gaining recognition as people stopped being limited to their own city, country, continent. Social publishing and e-learning platforms provide access to content from across the world to everybody interested in expanding their knowledge. Among the benefits of using those platforms is the fact that any course can be taken an infinite amount of times while reducing costs of learning and development.

We have completed custom software solutions for several educational organizations and publishing houses, helping them to provide proactive education & training to a large number of people. From e-learning web and mobile based tools to knowledge-sharing platforms, Selleo creates and develops applications that help the education and publishing industry in utilizing the power of the web and mobile technology to their advantage.

We are able to turn any complex educational materials, from textbooks to test materials, into effective, accessible online educational software which is intended to use in teaching and self-learning environments and allows the display of educational materials in the form of video and/or MP3 recordings, automatic payments with PayPal, mail notification and automatic logins. All the data can be exported to pdf, csv, xls, sql tables and then be displayed in the form of Flash-based or jQuery-based charts and graphs. Depending on the application type both teachers and students can create their own profiles, upload photos, PDF files, links to YouTube video files and other web resources. All users can sign in using Facebook and import contacts from the social network and Google.

Northpass (formerly SchoolKeep Inc.) is a US-based company which provides a cloud-based LMS used by enterprise clients to manage online courses and optimize their training operations. Leading companies such as Airbnb, Uber and Shopify use Northpass to streamline their human resource development processes.
Steve Cornwell
Through Selleo’s consistent supplementation, the integrated workforce completed tasks faster and with improved accuracy. Selleo’s outstanding price point, ability to meet all deadlines, and willingness to assimilate with the in-house staff created a more efficient workflow.
Steve Cornwell
CEO, Northpass, USA
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Augment your team for greater capacity
Northpass was looking to augment their domestic engineering team with a larger, lower-cost option for development talent. They wanted build a competitive advantage by lowering their overall cost structure for research and development. Our developers assimilated directly into client’s process. We worked on a functional SaaS platform delivering everything from code refactoring to large-sclae features.
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