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Learning Management Systems

Learning **Management Systems**

Digital platforms can also be used in learning management systems. LMS are platforms helping to educate people, organize, create, edit and grade courses and tests. In learning management they help to track and document learning achievements and progress while delivering training programs and courses. Tests and distribution of assignments is also conducted through the online system. Learning management systems bring advantages to those who teach and the ones who are taught. They can be used by many different industries including big enterprises, organizations, governments and schools providing training of employees and online teaching.

Learning **Management Systems**

Digital Publishing Platforms

Digital **Publishing Platforms**

Digital publishing platforms gained recognition with the growing popularity of mobile devices. Digital content is slowly taking over the physical one. Publishing platforms give users great experience from the very first seconds. They help to achieve strategic goals and can be used as a marketing strategy. Easy creation of content published across various platforms, distribution and performance tracking helps you to go beyond the ordinary publishing strategies. Thanks to functionalities like sharing, statistic generation combined with the interactive elements and security is what makes digital publishing platforms so popular.

Digital **Publishing Platforms**

Social Publishing and eLearning Platform

Social Publishing and **eLearning Platform**

With the growing popularity of everything being present on the internet, available on mobile devices and computers learning also had to transfer to the online world. E-learning platforms are gaining recognition as people stopped being limited to their own city, country, continent. Social publishing and e-learning platforms provide access to content from across the world to everybody interested in expanding their knowledge. Among the benefits of using those platforms is the fact that any course can be taken an infinite amount of times while reducing costs of learning and development.

Social Publishing and **eLearning Platform**
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