Education Software Development;

Education Software Development

We have completed Custom Software Solutions for several educational organizations and publishing houses

We have completed custom software solutions for several educational organizations and publishing houses, helping them to provide proactive education & training to a large number of people. From e-learning web and mobile based tools to knowledge-sharing platforms, Selleo creates and develops applications that help the education and publishing industry in utilizing the power of the web and mobile technology to their advantage. We are able to turn any complex educational materials, from textbooks to test materials, into effective, accessible online educational software which is intended to use in teaching and self-learning environments and allows the display of educational materials in the form of video and/or MP3 recordings, automatic payments with PayPal, mail notification and automatic logins. All the data can be exported to pdf, csv, xls, sql tables and then be displayed in the form of Flash-based or jQuery-based charts and graphs. Depending on the application type both teachers and students can create their own profiles, upload photos, PDF files, links to YouTube video files and other web resources. All users can sign in using Facebook and import contacts from the social network and Google.

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