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Educational Platforms

As most of the educational establishments such as schools, training centers, universities, and colleges are now shifting from lectures to online learning, you can profit from eLearning development and build your own educational platform to create an interactive, dynamic learning environment that combines virtual classroom, entertaining learning courses and programs. With digital interactive content, you can improve the learning experience you are offering making them easy and effortless within the fully customizable and intuitive educational platform. Whether you or your clients decide on an academic credential program or online courses you can meet these expectations with support from eLearning development company like Selleo.

Online Courses

eLearning App Development can be used to design and build online training content and courses that showcase your brand and are easily managed. It is best for course creators and entrepreneurs who are serious about creating, marketing and selling their online courses. Provide users with access to digital classes, offer a robust feature set for course creators and ensure an engaging educational experience for learners. Our eLearning Experts can accommodate the unique needs of your business by adding advanced software solutions like marketing tools, sales automation, social media and payment integration, lead capture pages, content management systems and more.

Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems can be fully customized to your company branding and personalized for your specific needs. With custom LMS you can either sell training and associated content as a service or serve up your learning resources internally, improve employee skills, retain top talent, and mitigate compliance risk. Training experiences can be tailored to personalized learning and development plans that enable guiding learners’ progress and measuring both training results and ROI. Your LMS solution can be available on any device and integrated with customer relationship management platforms, web conferencing tools or eCommerce platforms like Shopify.

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