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Payroll & Benefits Software

Automate payroll processes and reward the best employees

Software that allows paperless information storage, unified reporting and faster processing. By adopting new technologies, you are gaining access to important data anytime and automating time-consuming tasks like payroll management, bonus distribution and rewards systems. With this solution, you will retain high employee satisfaction while controlling costs and making better business decisions.

ATS and Recruitment Software

Revive your recruitment process to hire efficiently

To recruit and hire effectively, you need the right software that will help you interview and assess the applicants. We offer to create a custom ATS (Applicant Tracking System) and recruitment software for a streamlined hiring process. Schedule interviews, interview applicants and acquire talent with a robust platform to save time and money.

Corporate Learning

Help your employees grow with personalized training

Employee training is crucial to develop the skills of your staff. With training management software, you can track progress and schedule workshops to ensure the best quality of learning. We can provide you with a custom solution that allows monitoring education levels, store certification records and job descriptions to maximize the effectiveness of learning and skills development.

Employee Performance Management

Monitor and maximize employee productivity and performance

Maintain and improve employee performance and align it with the company’s goals. With a custom platform, you will be able to plan, monitor and review employee’s work objectives, assess their progress and provide immediate feedback. Keep track of attendance and work time of your employees, track career goals and manage their growth path.

HRIS and HRMS Solutions

All-in-one solution with personal data security in mind

We trust that every organization should have a custom management system to keep track of human resources. Those end-to-end solutions enable you to automate the HR processes while minimizing the workload and are suitable for both small and large enterprises. Keep track of crucial metrics, generate reports and manage documents all in one place.

Engagement & Culture Software Tools

Welcome detailed feedback and enhance employee engagement

Companies with high employee engagement rate prove to be more profitable than their competitors. You can ensure cultural alignment and high employee engagement using Artificial Intelligence and analytics. Build a platform that will help you create and manage surveys as well as gather priceless feedback. Enhance employee experience and transform your work environment.

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