Meet.js Summit Katowice 2019

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Meet.js Summit Katowice 2019

The conference season is blooming. After BBDays4.IT and React Native conference, the time for Meet.js has come. And since the summit was held only a 40-minute drive from our office, we had to be there.

Although the conference officially started on Monday, September 30th, the day before was also busy with a pre-conference workshop on Next.js apps prepared by Zeit.

During the workshop, the presenter explained how services like Slack and Pusher can be leveraged using Next.js and Now with a full walk-through of the deployment of those applications.

The actual event kicked off at 8am on Monday with breakfast and registration. This was an hour to enjoy some appetizers and meet up with old friends as well as make new ones. We made sure to take a walk around the venue to get the general feeling of it and know which way to go.

The event was divided into four main sessions with the first one starting at 9:30 with a presentation on The journey of converting ZEIT’s blog from MDX to Notion backed blog. It was followed by Modern Monorepo with Lerna and finally, A day in the life of a Remote Developer, which touched the topic of remote work, which nowadays is gaining a lot of popularity. The author fought with the stereotypical glitz and glam of remote work to show the real-life struggle of remote work, sharing experiences and lessons.

Then was the time for a coffee break, to share thoughts on the presentations with others and of course, enjoy some snacks. At the Selleo table, our visitors also had an opportunity to challenge themselves in a round of Fifa or Guitar Hero.

Session 2, once again, consisted of three presentations: Beyond ES6 - new possibilities of JS and how to use them - presenting the most interesting elements of EcmaScript, How a test runner works - focusing on test runners like Jest, its flexibility and high performance, the speaker described in detail how Jest works (including diagrams!)- and Real user measurements revisited - about performance problems, analyzing users’ experiences and needs.

After the last presentation, we all had a lunch break to jump into the 3rd session with new energy and full bellies.

Session 3 started with a talk called Don’t be afraid to fail. Be prepared for it. A brief story of a commit getting into production and back - a very interesting talk on how our favourite tool Jira handles releases and bugs detection. Then was the time for Who needs Same-Origin Policy followed by A developer’s take on security - with examples of tool and practices that help to ensure security and prevent XSS attacks.

After that, it was the time for another coffee break and the fourth, and the last, session started at 4:30pm.

First, there was a very interesting presentation on Hype Driven Development and why it sucks. This is definitely something we all are guilty of so the presentation was very eye-opening. Then there was a talk on Native, Hybrid and PWA development - although I am a bit biased as a React Native (yay!) fan (we will soon have an article on that, keep your eyes peeled). Last, but definitely not least was Progressive Web Apps in Practice, which was a great segway from the previous presentation. The speaker covered the most features available for PWA developers together with use cases and patterns.

At 6pm winners of competitions held during coffee breaks were announced and call it a day. In my personal opinion, the organization of the event was at the highest level while delivering opportunities for networking with JavaScript enthusiasts. The presentations were varied, ranging from technical to the aspects of remote work, project management and mobile development.

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