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Metreno AS is an innovative communication and HR consultancy from Trondheim, Norway.
Selleo has proved to be a team of skilled and professional programmers. It was only Selleo who understood what kind of business we were after. We were impressed by the professionalism the company has with regard to processes.They have done a remarkable job in delivering a great product to us.
Frode Jakhelln Laugen
Managing Director at Metreno AS, NO
A SaaS software product for automated HRM-related tests / surveys generation, distribution and administration as well as their sales and management used by a number of SMEs, career centres, recruitment agencies, schools, educational institutions and municipalities. This BPM system is composed of the following functional modules: User/Companies Management, Subscriptions / Payment Tracking, Invoicing, PDF Report & Charts Generation, Surveys and Survey Recipients Management, Email Templates, Translations Management and numerous import/export functionalities.

Business process management software becomes key to global IT strategy for companies around the globe. Selleo creates solutions where business meets technology; our custom solutions combine the power of web, mobile and cloud technologies to drive high-value business process improvement. Together with our customers we develop custom business process management software tools which are meant to monitor, speed up, improve, optimize, and support various business processes and workflows within both NGOs and business entities. Our web-based and mobile-based SaaS applications can help you automate manual processes and facilitate the decision making processes based on both manual and automated tasks. The adoption of BPM tools in organizations improves efficacy, efficiency and the strategic value of critical business processes in areas of system and application integration, human interaction and complicated decision-making. BPM solutions such as enterprise content management (ECM), customer relations management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP) or business intelligence (BI) gives an organization the ability to define, execute, manage and refine the processes that involve multiple applications and dynamic changes. With the use of business process management technology business processes become more transparent and the business becomes more agile. There emerges a more solid foundation for better decision making.

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