Mobile data collection

Viewworld mobile data collection app

ViewWorld is a data collection and management web and mobile platform. The solution fosters timely, effective and reliable transfer of information from the field to the decision-makers in the organisations.


The Danish Civil Protection League has around 5.000 volunteers working to assist the authorities in disaster preparedness and during crisis situations in the country. To raise public awareness and attract the attention of the decision-makers involved, the organization decided to use the ViewWorld app to report on volunteers activities using smart phones. This use of the mobile evaluation and monitoring application enables to document and report on where and when volunteers have been active. When reports are sent in by volunteers via smartphones, a communication officer reviews and publishes the reports which are made available through a dedicated website and social media.

USAID is an independent agency of the United States federal government that is primarily responsible for administering civilian foreign aid and development assistance.
Ms.Karen Freeman
The partnership we are starting today will help Kenya’s arid lands achieve sustainable economic growth for decades to come. The Resilience Program will improve the lives and livelihoods of the communities in this area and make Northern Kenya a better place to raise families.
Ms.Karen Freeman
USAID Kenya Mission Director
USAID and Adeso launched the Resilience and Economic Growth in the Arid Lands program, which aims to reduce hunger and poverty, increase social stability, and lay a strong foundation for economic growth and environmental resilience for pastoral and transitional communities in Northern Kenya. As part of this program ViewWorld worked with USAID and their partner organisation ADESO to conduct household surveys capturing responses with the ViewWorld mobile data collection application.

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