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Why should you build native mobile apps using React?

A React Native app is a real mobile app because it uses the same UI components as regular iOS and Android apps. You are just using JavaScript to put all the elements together. In those terms an app built in React Native is not a “web app” or “hybrid app”. React Native lets you build your app faster as you don't have to waste your time recompiling it everytime you make a change to it. You can reload you app instantly and even run new code while retaining your application state. React Native lets you use components written in Objective-C, Java, or Swift so you can still use native code when you need to. In that way you can still use all the available libraries that you are used to using.

Studentvikarie Sverige AB is an authorized staffing company providing a web and mobile platform with temporary edu job vacancies for students.
Henrik Lindberg
I've found an exceptional development partner in Selleo. Thanks to their skill, adaptiveness and integrity, I consider them dear and full members of my team for both backend, web, and React Native development.
Henrik Lindberg
CTO, Studentvikarie
Streamlining job search and recruitment processes on a platform
Changing the future of education
Streamlining job search and recruitment processes on a platform
This multi-sided SaaS temporary employment service simplifies the recruitment process in schools and universities. Students looking for a part-time job in education can browse through hundreds of offers. Schools and job agencies can in turn target employees with location based filters and easy scheduling. With more than 100,000 lessons in 2017, Studentivkarie was nominated as the Social Entrepreneur of the Year.

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