Safe and anonymous web browsing without limitations

ZenMate is a VPN service, an efficient and easy to use proxy switcher, dedicated to those, who want to surf the internet without leaving any traces behind.

ZenMate - screen
Business Value

Make yourself invisible!

Established in Germany, ZenMate delivers services for over 40 millions of users all over the world, both commercial and business. The solution includes functions like IP hiding, change the virtual location unblocking exclusive content unavailable in the user’s country, allowing secure banking through public Wi-Fi networks, keeping user’s passwords protected to the highest level. ZenMate hides user’s behaviour on sites, disabling 3rd party tracking. It is also used by those who often travel abroad and like to live without limitations like censorship. With ZenMate clients are given freedom: they can choose the country from which the new IP will be sent further into the web. Malwares and hackers are no longer able to track users down. ZenMate offers two types of versions: free and premium, a high speed connectivity and supports no-logging policy.

Technology stack

ZenMate is integrated with popular browsers as an extension, mobile devices and desktop computers to keep their customers safe wherever they are.