We Are Going To Agile Munich 2019

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We Are Going To Agile Munich 2019

Agile Munich is an event created having in mind agile practitioners from Europe enabling them to meet and interact with other Agile visionaries coming from reputable organizations, share experiences, take part in workshops and lightning talks.

This year, Agile Munich takes place from May 8th to May 10th and Selleo will be there!

What’s in store?

In 2019, the main focus of Agile Munich will be directed towards the supporting functions like HR, Logistics or Finance and Control and their relationship with a healthy Agile organization. The conference will be attended by some of the greatest Agilists and professionals of various supporting functions that will share their experiences and insights from the Agile world.

The event will open with lightning talks - short, attention-grabbing presentations articulating a topic in a clear, insightful and quick manner, proceeded by an Open Space with many sessions to choose from and finally a Master Class workshops for Scaling Agility.

Among the keynote speakers you can find: Jutta Eckstein - an independent Agility coach and an author of “BOSSA nova: Company-wide Agility with Beyond Budgeting, Open Space & Sociocracy: Survive & Thrive on Disruption”, Niels Pflaeging - an advocate for Agile Transformational leadership or Patricia Kong - the product owner of Scrum.org enterprise solutions, as well as specialists from companies like ING, Zalando, Bose, BMW who will also share their stories. Selleo will be represented by Dariusz Wylon - the co-creator of Manifesto of Agile HR development and the winner of HR Dream Team and Innovator Award for introducing and implementing the Agile Mindset in recruitment processes.

Why should I go?

Agile Munich is an opportunity to get educated and connect with experts from some of the biggest organizations. This gives you an advantage that no other formal training can do. Apart from the presentations, you can take part in workshops that will help you implement the Agile approach in your company. What is more, during the three days of the conference you can enjoy the beautiful city of Munich - the capital of Bavaria.

Here are some testimonials from the last year’s edition:

'Really good times at Agile Munich 2018' - Timo Toivonen

'Thanks for this amazing event. Looking forward for further events like this.' - Knut Haberkant

'Insights for agile transformation and inspiring talks with agile & sympathic people' - Katja Bauer

We cannot wait to attend this amazing conference and hopefully meet some of you there. Feel free to approach Darek and pick his brain about all things Agile.

See you soon Munich!

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