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We develop SaaS cloud-based systems

That our clients deliver to their end customers as a service on a subscription basis

Working with our clients on SaaS outsorcing we put together web and mobile software solutions with business and professional services

Software as a Service (SaaS) has now become a fairly well-established software business model. The solution in principle consists in delivering software applications to many users, regardless of their location, through web-based technology. Users pay a specified fee to access and use a software solution for a defined period of time. The service is standardized and does not require painful customization or a lengthy implementation process. The application functionality is often tied to and determined by an adopted payment model. The most popular payment models are: subscriptions, annual and perpetual licenses, rentals or payments after use. The SaaS concept is often associated with the delivery and execution of complex business processes and transactions as services, with the capacity for the applications to be constructed on the fly and services to be reused everywhere and by anybody.

Northpass (formerly SchoolKeep) is a publishing software tool and learning management system that enables organizations to train employees, customers and channel partners.

The technology behind our SaaS solutions

While developing SaaS and cloud-based applications, we offer a comprehensive approach enabling our clients to create both web and mobile solutions. We provide React Native solutions for Android, iOS and Windows Phone, which use native UIs and thus ensure solid user experiences. While creating web-based SaaS platforms, we use Ruby on Rails, React, Ember and Angular to develop applications which can also be implemented to work in a SaaS model. Our top Ruby on Rails developers work on the project back-end development while React developers, Ember developers and Angular developers are responsible for the front-end development.

There are complete solutions designed for this specific purpose. For example, RailsKits offers the following SaaS functionalities:

  • a well-tested and proven recurring billing system with credit card payments,
  • a framework for building membership-based applications,
  • account sign-ups / upgrades / downgrades,
  • tiered pricing levels with customizable limits (e.g, number of users, number of projects, etc.),
  • multi-tenant data security in a single database.

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