React Native EU 2019 Recap

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React Native EU 2019 Recap

Hello there. I‘m just freshly after my third React Native conference and although it was the third time, Callstack (the organizator) is still doing a great job with that.

The first day brought a lot of useful information (yeah I know - that’s a normal thing for conferences :D). I heard some interesting news about the plans for react-native’s future. They want to increase the app speed by removing RN’s bottleneck - the bridge - and stop using it altogether.

Microsoft also made plans to start using React Native in MS Office (new plugins that will boost your app), Skype and other products.

Speaking of new plugins. I heard about a forthcoming refresh of app development and debugging as well as Hermes - a new engine for optimizing the size of our app and decreasing the initialization speed (sometimes by 50% less).

There is also a nice feature “You.i” connecting react-native with a TV platform or ReactXP for building apps on the web, iOS, Android, and Windows. Sharing code, styles, and infrastructure between react and react-native will be possible using Watermelondb and ZACS.

A few more presentations were about security requests in situations where someone decompiles your app and gets all the keys from your code and about creating forms using RN’s formik where autofocus between inputs works perfectly out-of-the-box.

There were also a few lightning talks, about new react-navigation, webView, automatic deploys and testing using detox as well as about a cloud tool like memsource for translation for companies.

The last talk was nostalgic for me because the presenter returned to years ’70-’90s where websites were built with Dreamviewer, the beginnings of CSS, HTML and PHP. After this nice introduction, he talked about Draftbit - an app for building apps using drag and drop components and allowing writing own components using react-native.

The day ended with an after-party with good grilled food and karaoke for the brave ones.

Selleo Team (from left side: Bartek Boruta, Małgorzata Mazurek, Dawid Kawiak, Wojciech Bożek and me)

The second and, at the same time, the last day was also interesting. I learned more about Hermes, brownfielding our app with an existing native app, interesting features of Xcode like building 3D games, building an app with navigation, machine learning, and many others. There was also some information about autolinking libraries for native modules, using react-native inside Microsoft apps like MS office (in order to have the Office apps look and work the same on all devices).

The next topic covered was Microsoft “Fabrik” and fluent design system for app building.

Speakers gave presentations on: offline strategies, caches and improved performance of images in our app in both the offline and online versions. We learned about the creation of a media player app using more react than native as well as upgrading react-native solutions using rn-diff-purge, upgrade-helper.

I learned about a fantastic solution for developers for documenting code, so none of us will need to spend time trying to investigate code - we’ll just create a task in that place using flow or typescript.

Last but not least was the talk about machine learning: how it works and how it can be used to recognize voices in phones and other devices and what action you can invoke after the recognized text - a very interesting presentation.

The most impressing thing for me was hearing the news about Hermes’ new engine, which improves performance, with smaller app size (sometimes even 50% less). New react-navigation (v 5.0) for building more dynamic navigation solutions also made me super excited. And finally, new formik for native device with all the good features prepared for native, like autofocusing next field.

The entire conference was a great time. Another year, another new things that I’ve learned and discovered. Those were two intensive days but my heart beats a little faster when I think about developing applications with my fresh react-native knowledge. Thx everyone for this conference!

My article is just a brief summary of what I saw and what I heard. If you wanna know more you need to go and see for yourself. See you at the next Bye :)

Me (on the left) and Mike Grabowski (CTO at on the right).


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