BookThatApp is a reservation engine that can be used to book rentals, events, classes and appointments.

BookThatApp - screen
Business Value

Booking Engine for eCommerce platforms

Zetya is a Sydney-based company building applications for eCommerce platforms. We worked together to improve BookThatApp, a booking engine for products, appointments, tours and more which is used by thousands of stores. The solution seamlessly integrates with Shopify while providing real-time updates thanks to the direct connection to product and cart pages. It also creates reservations while the payment is authorized. BookThatApp allows viewing schedule by day, week and month, displaying pending and confirmed reservations in a colour-coordinated way.

BookThatApp can be used in educational services to browse calendars and shop for courses while allowing users to create new courses, add instructors, set class capacity and generate reports.

For rental purposes, BookThatApp can send due date reminders, constantly keeping the availability of your rentals up-to-date.

Shopify customers can browse and search for tours, shows as well as group activities and get a customized eticket. BookThatApp can also resend etickets with event reminders.

Technology stack

Ruby on Rails booking management platform

BookThatApp is integrated with Shopify providing lightning-fast real-time updates, responsive design allowing bookings and shopping on any device. What is more, it supports all free and paid Shopify’s store themes.