Automating investment management process


Help venture experts to review pitch decks, streamline collaboration across the funding lifecycle, and measure startups’ performance.


A platform that sits at the heart of the venture ecosystem connecting leading early stage companies with funds like Seedcamp, Episode1 or Techstars.

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Improving the flow of venture capital

Accelerated Digital Ventures is a UK based company that aims to unlock the full potential of the leading tech startups by direct investments or matching those startups with investors. They deliver software solutions that help to make this vision happen by connecting institutional investors, early-stage investors, and startup companies to increase the flow of capital between them. As for today, ADV managed to help 54 companies operating in 13 business sectors, most of them being in a Pre-Seed, Seed or Seed Extension stage.

ADV mission is to increase the flow of investor capital to the best startups. They aimed to connect top 20% institutional investors with leading 20% tech companies. In order to make it happen, ADV wanted to develop an environment that would serve that purpose, as well as improve their own business processes.

The ecosystem should serve the needs of:

  • leading tech companies who are ready and motivated to pursue their long-term ambitions
  • early-stage investors looking for capital supply increase
  • large institutional investors by enabling them to engage with the early-stage venture ecosystem
  • Accelerated Digital Ventures itself, by optimising their business processes, making them easier, effective and less time-consuming
Process and Project Scope

Custom methodology to meet client needs

ADV contacted Selleo in 2017 looking for skilled developers who could take care of extending their existing platform and develop a new service. We formed a team of both back-end Ruby and front-end React developers, at the same time providing on-demand support of our UX Design team.

Business Value

A platform that sits at the heart of the venture ecosystem

To support ADV vision, two platforms were built. The business connect platform provides a complete environment for startups and investors to support establishing connections between those parties. Notable features that were implemented include:

  • fast search functionality to
  • tool allowing to pitch business ideas to the most suitable investor
  • extensive reporting tool which helps to keep track of company performance
  • generic form engine that is capable of producing complex questionnaires based on the provided JSON scheme

The second platform serves as a venture investment engine, an internal ADV product. The solution digitalises and optimises the business processes. It allows to automate crucial parts of the process and boosts company communications with the built-in live comments and notifications feed. The core system functionality, managing companies portfolio, is supported by a dedicated, multi-step procedure of reviewing startup funding applications and feedback sharing. The solution offers a generic admin panel, allowing to list, view, and edit every entity in the system.

Both platforms help ADV to share their knowledge and experience across the venture ecosystem.

I've been working together with Selleo for over 2 years now on the development of web applications. It has been a very positive experience for me and my company. Selleo has been a trusted partner, always willing to get involved and help resolve the most complex of issues. The quality of the coding and general work done has been very high.

Timo YorkProduct Delivery Lead at ADV
Technology stack

The excellent combination of React and Ruby

Our team was responsible for developing fast and flexible React front-end applications, backed by robust API written in Ruby. We have also provided graphic design solutions, ensuring efficient and intuitive UX/UI. The team leveraged WebSocket protocol to implement real-time comments and notifications feed.